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Diversity Committee

Stanley G. Barr Jr.
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The commitment to diversity is a core value at this firm and it is our constant mission to maintain equality throughout all aspects of our business. Not only does it make us a stronger, better service provider for our clients, it is simply the right thing to do. That's why we have established a Diversity Committee to:

  • Develop policies to recruit, hire and retain more attorneys of diverse backgrounds
  • Promote the firm's image as a leader in the profession and in our community committed to openness in employment

In an effort to improve our recruiting results of talented minority attorneys, we have sponsored events such as the Black Expo and the Martin Luther King Day Celebration, attended diversity seminars, hosted minority recruiting events to introduce students to the firm, and served on non-profit boards that promote diversity within our community.

Letter from Diversity Chairman

At Kaufman & Canoles, we not only recognize the social necessity of a diversity policy, but we also understand that it is a crucial factor in our business success. To compete in a global marketplace and to serve corporate clients who express their diversity expectation in their representation, we must also demand diversity and equality within the firm. Our future depends on the recruitment and retention of talented, young and experienced lawyers. We would be remiss to exclude such a large talent base by not embracing diversity among our attorneys.

As the former chairman of a Municipal Civil Service Commission and a member of Kaufman & Canoles' litigation team for more than 32 years, I learned the value diversity efforts bring to an organization. As Chairman of the Diversity Committee at Kaufman & Canoles, I have made that same personal commitment to the success of our diversity initiatives.

Stanley G. Barr Jr.
Stanley G. Barr Jr.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Kaufman & Canoles is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity that spans all aspects of the employment process. From recruiting and hiring to training and promotion, our EEO policy is dedicated to the spirit of equal opportunity.

Equal Employment Opportunity for all is a very important Firm philosophy. We will evaluate all applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, non-disqualifying disability or history of military service. We will also make all reasonable accommodations required by law for qualified persons with a disability.

We want to stress our seriousness regarding this policy. We will take action to ensure that qualified applicants and employees are not subjected to unlawful discrimination. This includes, but is not limited to, recruitment, employment, assignments, promotions, reassignments or transfers, disciplinary matters, establishing rates of pay or other compensation and selection for training programs.

All management personnel share responsibility for implementation and compliance with this policy, and performance in this area will be continually evaluated, as is performance on other aspects of Firm operations.