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GSA Schedule Contracting: Understanding the Process, Opportunities, and Pitfalls
Christopher T. Page presented “GSA Schedule Contracting: Understanding the Process, Opportunities and Pitfalls” at the K&C Government Contracts Breakfast Seminar on May 6, 2015.

Virginia's Conflict of Interest and Ethics Laws - 2015 Amendments
Christopher T. Page presented “Virginia’s Conflict of Interest and Ethics Laws - 2015 Amendments” at the Virginia Sheriff’s Association Spring Meeting on April 23, 2015.

Private Client Services Update - Hindsight is 20-20: Simple Estate Planning Steps We Wish Clients Would Take Before Death
Attorneys in the Kaufman & Canoles Private Client Services Group regularly represent what lawyers call personal representatives: those who are administering decedents' estates, serving as executor under a will or serving as trustee named in a living trust.
By Gregory R. Davis and Private Client Services

Credit Union Legal Update - Recent Lawsuits: What Credit Unions Need to Know
When credit unions are unable to resolve disagreements with their members or third parties, they often end up in court. 
By Lender Representation

BYOD Creates Credit Union Legal Risks
John Bredehoft was recently quoted in the Credit Union Times article "BYOD Creates Credit Union Legal Risks".
By John M. Bredehoft

Past Performance Questionnaires Discussed at Local SBA
Terry Murphy was recently quoted in the Inside Business article "Past performance questionnaires discussed at local SBA".
By Terence Murphy and Government Contracts & Construction

Private Client Services Update - But My Tax Expert Told Me****
We all know April 15th and the tax filing and payment deadline is almost upon us.
By Robert H. Powell III and Private Client Services