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Credit Union Legal Update - Fall 2012
There are some significant changes and potential pitfalls for those filing proofs of claim in the federal bankruptcy courts. At the end of last year, there were significant changes to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure governing proofs of claim. These changes resulted in a new standard form for filing such proofs as well as some new requirements, particularly for proofs of claim in individual bankruptcies or claims secured by mortgages and deeds of trust.
By E. Andrew Keeney

Create a Winning Team: How to Negotiate a Successful Teaming Agreement
Terence Murphy & Charles V. McPhillips recently presented, "Create a Winning Team: How to Negotiate a Successful Teaming Agreement."
By Terence Murphy, Charles V. McPhillips and Government Contracts & Construction

Private Client Services Update - Taxation of Corporate-Owned Life Insurance: Traps for the Unwary
Most corporate clients assume that proceeds of a life insurance policy insuring the life of an employee are tax free. Revisions to the Internal Revenue Code in 2006 provide, however, that life insurance proceeds are included as taxable income of the corporate owner of a life insurance policy unless certain IRS requirements are met.
By Gregory R. Davis and Private Client Services

Employment Law Update - Fall 2012
In This Issue:
- VDOLI Stops Handling Virginia Wage-Hour Cases
- EEOC Updates Employer Guidance on Criminal Background Checks
- Recent Cases Recognize Employer Rights Under FMLA
- 29th Annual Employment Law Update - Your Prescription for Compliance
- The U.S. Supreme Court Affirms Obamacare
By Labor & Employment

Private Client Services Update - Stuff Happens
When parties get together contemplating a proposed new venture, it is similar to a new marriage. They are very excited about the future opportunities, but have not really thought through the issues if events do not go as anticipated.
By James G. Steiger and Private Client Services

Software Licensing: Legal Issues with Business Consequences
You have assembled a team that has spent months researching and selecting the appropriate software and provider for your business. Nearing the end of the process, your team is ready to move on and sign the license agreement so that the software can be installed and used.
By Nicole J. Harrell

Private Client Services Update - 2012 Virginia Legislative Update - Trusts & Estates Law
The 2012 session of the Virginia General Assembly resulted in several important changes to trusts and estates law, most of which became effective July 1, 2012. Below are some of the more notable changes.
By William L. Holt, Sarah E. Messersmith and Private Client Services