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Private Client Services Update - Decanting: A New Tool in the Trustee’s Arsenal
Effective July 1, 2012, the Virginia General Assembly will be providing trustees of irrevocable trusts a valuable new tool.
By Robert H. Powell III and Private Client Services

Domain Name Disputes: Why Are So Many Disputes Resolved Administratively?
Kristan Burch was featured in the March 2012 issue of The Federal Lawyer, "Domain Name Disputes: Why Are So Many Disputes Settled Adminitratively?"
By Kristan B. Burch

Private Client Services Update - Protecting Your Most Precious Assets...Your Children
Often, one of the most difficult decisions trust and estate clients face is naming a guardian for their minor children. A guardian is the person or persons who are nominated in the Last Will and Testament of a decedent to provide for the care and custody of minor children in the event that neither of the natural parents survive until all of their minor children attain the age of majority.
By Vonda W. Chappell and Private Client Services

Contractor Selection Due Diligence Checklist for Credit Unions
We are often asked by credit unions to draft contracts with contractors, architects and design-build entities. The contractor, architect or design-builder often are chosen by the credit union based on recommendations from other credit unions or after marketing visits by these service providers. We recommend our credit union clients perform certain due diligence on the contractors, architects and design-builders before a final selection is made.
By Terence Murphy

Employment Law Update Alert - April 2012
The NLRB's revised effective date for the required union rights poster (April 30, 2012) has been indefinitely postponed. The federal appeals court for the District of Columbia issued an injunction on April 17 that prevents the NLRB from requiring the posting until the legal challenges to the posting are resolved.
By Labor & Employment

A Guide to New Business Opportunity Rule
The Federal Trade Commission's final Business Opportunity Rule became effective March 1. While the seller's disclosure obligations to a prospective buyer have been reduced to a one-page disclosure form, the scope of the rule has been broadened and applies to more sellers.
By Nicole J. Harrell

For Hands-On Experience in Federal Court, Young Lawyers Should Do Pro Bono Work
For younger civil litigators (and, indeed, for just about any lawyer these days), the opportunities to appear in federal court are few and far between. More motions than ever are decided on the briefs, and the steep decline in civil jury trials has been well documented. So how can young lawyers get hands-on experience? They can do pro bono work.
By R. Johan Conrod Jr.