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For Hands-On Experience in Federal Court, Young Lawyers Should Do Pro Bono Work
For younger civil litigators (and, indeed, for just about any lawyer these days), the opportunities to appear in federal court are few and far between. More motions than ever are decided on the briefs, and the steep decline in civil jury trials has been well documented. So how can young lawyers get hands-on experience? They can do pro bono work.
By R. Johan Conrod Jr.

Private Client Services Update - Adding Value as Trustee of a Life Insurance Trust
Over the last few months, as either an advisor or trustee, I have been reviewing various existing and proposed life insurance policies, both conventional and universal life. In each case, my starting point has been to think about the purpose of the policy, the risk tolerance of the client or trust and the assumptions on which the income projections of the policy are based. Often this process involves having the insurance agent run new projections for a policy.
By Robert C. Goodman Jr. and Private Client Services

An Appealing Approach To Mechanic's Lien Searches
Brian Dolan and Chris Papile were featured in the Winter 2012 issue of the VLTA Examiner, "An Appealing Approach to Mechanic's Lien Searches."
By Brian O. Dolan

Private Client Services Update - Use of Small Estate Affidavits to Clean Up After Probate Avoidance Trusts
These days it is very common for estate planning clients to create revocable trusts for probate avoidance and ease of estate administration, even if the clients do not face estate tax liability under the current system. As we are well aware, those clients fail to achieve the probate avoidance benefits of their trusts if they fail to fund their trusts during their lifetimes.
By Sarah E. Messersmith and Private Client Services

Credit Union Legal Update - Spring 2012
In This Issue:
- Credit Union Mergers vs. Compliance Considerations: An Oxymoron
By E. Andrew Keeney

Arbitration: Another Option for Resolving Domain Name Disputes
Kristan Burch was featured in the Fall 2011 issue of Litigation News, "Arbitration: Another Option for Resolving Domain Name Disputes."
By Kristan B. Burch

Ethics for Virginia Lawyers - 2012
Ann K. Crenshaw & The Honorable Edward Hanson Jr. presented, "Ethics for Virginia Lawyers" to the Virginia Beach Bar Association in February 2012.
By Ann K. Crenshaw