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JFCOM Contractors Await Closure Details
Terence Murphy was recently featured in a Federal News Radio interview regarding the Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) closure in March 2012.
By Terence Murphy

FAA Broadens the Requirement for Crew Resource Management
After analyzing data on acci­dents within commercial avia­tion over a 10-year period, the Federal Aviation Administration published a new rule in January of this year that requires all Part 135 operators employing more than one pilot to install Crew Resource Management training.
By W. Hunter Old

Private Client Services Update - Lifetime Funding of Revocable Trusts for Couples: Avoiding Probate While Maintaining Creditor Protection
There are many reasons why clients create trusts. Of course, for decedents with significant assets, trusts can be an extremely important estate tax planning tool. Additionally, trusts can be a way to safeguard and administer assets which are inherited by a young child, an incapacitated adult or anyone who is unable to handle the financial responsibility associated with managing the assets or needs protection from losing assets in divorce. If a trust is funded during life, the assets placed in trust are removed from the decedent’s probate estate at death.
By Sarah E. Messersmith and Private Client Services

Ethics for Virginia Lawyers - 2011
Ann K. Crenshaw & The Honorable Edward Hanson, Jr. presented, "Ethics for Virginia Lawyers" to the Virginia Beach Bar Association in February 2011. 
By Ann K. Crenshaw

Knowledge is Power: A Review of the American Arbitration Association's Rules for Construction Disputes
Kristan Burch was featured in the February 2011 issue of Virginia Lawyer article, "Knowledge is Power: A Review of the American Arbitration Association's Rules for Construction Disputes. " Click here to view the article.
By Kristan B. Burch

Real Estate Strategies Update - Surveys 101: A Refresher
Some questions from prospective purchasers of real estate repeatedly pop up. At the top of that list is, "Do I really need a survey, the building has been there forever?" Other than for the purchase of a condominium unit for which the recorded plats and plans govern, there are no viable reasons not to get a new survey.  This article addresses several topics related to surveys.
By Jeffrey M. Stedfast and Real Estate Strategies Group

Employment Law Update - Winter 2011
In This Issue:
- DOL Unveils New Wage-Hour Enforcement Strategy
- Former Workers' Comp Chief Deputy Joins K&C Employment Team
- Can Employers Go Too Far with Social Media Policies?
- Timing of Personnel Decisions is Important
- Poor Performance or Misconduct?
- K&C Launches Labor & Employment Blog
- 27th Annual Employment Law Update - Weathering the Employment Law Storm
By Labor & Employment