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Employment Law Update - Summer 2009
In This Issue:
- COBRA Subsidy and Related Changes Now in Effect
- Lilly Ledbetter Act Increases Need for Compensation Records Retention
- The #1 Most Outrageous Case of the Past Decade
- EEOC Charges Reach Record High
- 2009 On the Job: Supervisory Training Clinic
- 25th Annual Employment Law Update: How Sweet It Is...
By Labor & Employment

10th Annual Top Ten Outrageous Employment Law Cases
What truly were the Top 10 Most Outrageous Employment Law Cases from the last 10 years? After careful consideration and a tallying of the ballots, the winners are announced.
By Labor & Employment

Franchising Legal Update - Spring 2009

In This Issue: Conversions to new Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) Format; Tip for Hotel Licensees; Lease Renegotiations; Use of 401ks to Invest in Start Up Businesses; and more.

By Stephen E. Story, Nicole J. Harrell and Intellectual Property & Franchising

Flyability Does Not Equal Airworthiness
Leaving from a tight landing zone, you are pretty sure your rotor just nicked that awning, but you've got to get your customers to their destination on time.
By W. Hunter Old

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Benefits Alert - Spring 2009
In This Issue:
- New COBRA Subsidy for Laid Off Workers Requires Immediate Action by Employers
- Waiver of Required Minimum Distributions for 2009
- Final 403(b) Regulations Require Action by Year End
- Investment Losses Introduce New Fiduciary Risk
- Cafeteria Plan Amendments Required to Reflect New SCHIP Enrollment Rights
By ESOPs & Employee Benefits

Pilot-Induced Emergency Deviations Have Consequences
Most pilots are aware of Section 91.3 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (Title 14 in the Code of Federal Regulations), which allows a pilot-in-command to deviate from any Part 91 flight regulation when “an in-flight emergency requiring immediate action” occurs. On commercial flights, section 135.19 gives similar permission to deviate from rules relating to aircraft and equipment and weather minimums, as required to meet the emergency.
By W. Hunter Old

Ethics for Virginia Lawyers - 2009
Ann K. Crenshaw & The Honorable Edward W. Hanson, Sr. presented, "Professional Responsibility: Ethics for Virginia Lawyers" to the Virginia Beach Bar Association in February 2009. 
By Ann K. Crenshaw