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Government Contracts & Construction Update - New Virginia Laws Affecting the Construction Industry
The following new laws affecting the construction industry were passed in the 2011 session of the Virginia General Assembly and take effect July 1, 2011.
By Government Contracts & Construction

Real Estate Strategies Update - Swap Agreements as Exempt Transactions under the Automatic Stay Protections of the Bankruptcy Code
The swap agreement is an important tool for Lenders and Borrowers entering into new real estate financing arrangements.
By Real Estate Strategies Group

New PRC Rules Establish National Security Review for M&A Transactions Involving Non-Chinese Investors
On February 3, 2011, China’s State Council issued the Circular on the Establishment of the Security Review System for Mergers and Acquisitions of Domestic Enterprises by Foreign Investors ("Circular 6"), establishing a national security review procedure for the acquisition of a domestic Chinese enterprise or asset in certain sensitive industries or sectors by one or more foreign investors.
By Corporate & Public Finance

Mechanics' Liens: Selected Issues for Real Estate Lawyers
In these difficult economic times, contractors more frequently are not receiving payment for labor and materials furnished for the improvement of real property. Consequently, they may resort to filing a mechanic's lien. It is appropriate, therefore, to remind attorneys who may be called upon to either file or defend a mechanic's lien about some basic mechanic's lien issues.
By Brian O. Dolan and James L. Windsor

Employee Benefits Alert - Summer 2011
In this Issue:
- New Nondiscrimination Rules for Insured Health Plans - Good News & Bad News
- DOL Finalizes Disclosure Requirements for Fiduciaries of Participant-Directed Individual Account Plans
- Guidance on In-Plan Roth Rollovers
- ERISA Fiduciary Redefined
By ESOPs & Employee Benefits

Employment Law Update - Summer 2011
In this Issue:
- Supreme Court Expands Potential Employer Liability for Retaliation
- ADAAA Regulations Represent Increasing Risk for Employers
- Non-Employee Harassment Comes to the Fourth Circuit
- Retaliation and Disability Discrimination Claims on the Rise
- Portsmouth Jury Issues $25 Million Verdict Against Employer
- Mock Trial Highlights 27th Annual ELU Seminar
By Labor & Employment

Private Client Services Update - 2011 Virginia Legislative Update - Trusts & Estates Law
The 2011 Virginia legislative session resulted in several important changes to trusts and estates law. Of particular note, any bank may now serve as a trustee in Virginia, even if the bank does not have an office located within the Commonwealth. This is helpful for clients who have relocated to Virginia after having established a fiduciary relationship with a bank in another state.
By Sarah E. Messersmith and Private Client Services