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Private Client Services Update - Some Charitable Giving Thoughts Under Tax Laws Past, Present and Future
A recent request from a non-profit to help them develop a proposal for a significant donor solicitation caused me to reflect again on the big picture of charitable giving, with some interesting results when the math is viewed from a multi-generational perspective.
By Lewis W. Webb III and Private Client Services

Accidents and Incidents (Knowing Your Reporting Requirements)
Let’s say you are landing on a steep downslope and upon touchdown your tail rotor strikes the ground. No one is injured, but the blades must be replaced. Does this count as a reportable accident or incident?
By W. Hunter Old

Private Client Services Update - Incapacitated Without a Power of Attorney . . . Where Do We Go From Here?
Many people, for a variety of reasons, become unexpectedly incapacitated without having executed a well-drafted Power of Attorney authorizing his or her designated agent(s) to act in the event that he or she is unable to manage and conduct his or her affairs. Whether it is because of denial, procrastination or simply due to the fast-paced lives we live today, it is not uncommon for individuals to have overlooked this critical issue in connection with their financial and personal planning.
By Vonda W. Chappell and Private Client Services

Information for Kaufman & Canoles Clients in Light of Estate Tax Repeal
Effective January 1, 2010, the federal estate tax has been eliminated. Confusingly, next year on January 1, 2011 the estate tax returns, with an exemption only for estates under $1 million. When Congress enacted these changes back in 2001, estate and tax planners widely predicted that Congress would never allow the estate tax to end, but in fact Americans now find themselves facing an estate tax law which is changing, frustratingly complex and extremely difficult to plan for. In these unprecedented times, the lawyers of the Kaufman & Canoles Private Client Services Group want to provide you with this update and some concrete suggestions for reacting to the current law.
By Gregory R. Davis and Private Client Services

Private Client Services Update - Asset Protection
In these litigious and debt-stressed times, more and more high net worth clients are asking their financial and estate planners to address protection of assets from creditors. Lawyers have responded by creating asset ownership structures which are designed to thwart creditors’ liens and claims. Legislators have also reacted, creating innovative laws in a number of states aimed at allowing individuals to avoid attachment of assets. It is important to have a basic understanding of the techniques available to clients in protecting assets, and it is equally valuable to understand that not every person needs extensive asset protection planning.
By Gregory R. Davis and Private Client Services

Employment Law Update - Winter 2010
In This Issue:
- COBRA Subsidy Extended
- 26th Annual Employment Law Update - Your Employment Law Survival Kit
- Employers Should Check FMLA Policies in Light of Recent Changes in Law
- GINA Creates New Protected Class
- Using Severance Agreements: Special Considerations for Older Workers
- Casual Email Usage Leads to Costly Claim
By Labor & Employment

Ethics for Virginia Lawyers - 2010
Ann K. Crenshaw & The Honorable Edward Hanson, Jr. presented, "Ethics for Virginia Lawyers" to the Virginia Beach Bar Association in February 2010. 
By Ann K. Crenshaw