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Foreclosures Up in 2015?
Brian Dolan was recently a guest on the CU Broadcast episode "#359: Foreclosures Up in 2015? What? Kaufman & Canoles' Brian Dolan Explains. . . ". To view the video click here.
By Brian O. Dolan

Diving Into Social Media Social Payments
E. Andrew Keeney presented a webinar titled Diving Into Social Media Social Payments for NEACH on March 12, 2015.
By E. Andrew Keeney and Lender Representation

Attorneys With An Affinity For Winning
Philip Hatchett and Mark Short were recently featured in the March 2015 issue of the Oyster Pointer. To view the article click here.
By Mark A. Short and Philip L. Hatchett

Employment Law Update - Spring 2015
James Shoemaker regularly sues employers on behalf of his employee clients. So his being a featured speaker at a seminar presented for the benefit of employers may have been unexpected by attendees of K&C’s 31st Annual Employment Law Update on November 13, 2014 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.
By Labor & Employment

Private Client Services Update - All is Not Lost: Copy of Will Lost by Corporate Fiduciary Admitted to Probate
Sometimes all is not lost when the Will is lost. The Code of Virginia only allows an original document meeting other statutory requirements to be probated but more and more Virginia Circuit Courts are allowing a copy of a Will to be probated if the presenter can prove that the actual original Will was not in the testator’s possession.
By Philip L. Hatchett and Private Client Services

Credit Union Legal Update - Spring 2015
- What is an IOLTA? 
- A Loan Participation Checklist: The Devil is in the Details
- Indirect Lending: Are Your Prepared to Bear the Risks? 
- Potential Legal Traps in Sweepstakes 
- Etc. Etc. Etc.
By E. Andrew Keeney and Lender Representation

Credit Union Cybersecurity Workshop
E. Andrew Keeney led a Cybersecurity Workshop at CULCT's Compliance Series: Social Media Compliance Risks on February 10, 2015.
By E. Andrew Keeney and Lender Representation