Is Your Username Available on Twitter?

November 19, 2010, 06:24 PM

Similar to registration of a domain name, anyone can register a username on Twitter. If you are currently interested in using Twitter in connection with your business or think you may be interested in using Twitter in the future, you can register your trademarks as usernames with Twitter. For example, the Norfolk Tides (the triple-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles which plays in Norfolk near our office) have registered the following username on Twitter, and they regularly post tweets at that url address. To the extent that you are interested in registering a username on Twitter, the first step is to check as to whether the username is available. If you have a federal trademark which already has been registered by someone else as a username on Twitter, you can file a complaint with Twitter. The Trademark Policy established by Twitter outlines what constitutes a violation and the information which must be filed to make a complaint. This is the first of several steps which you could take to obtain the desired username on Twitter. —Kristan B. Burch