What is Cloud Computing?

April 16, 2011, 06:03 PM

Your company may have lots of software and hardware to keep itself running and to maintain client records, invoices, accounting records, documents and e-mails. You may even have a temperature controlled room with large servers. And most likely, you struggle with when to make expensive upgrades. Cloud computing to the rescue. Typically, cloud computing providers deliver business applications online and they are accessed from a web browser while the software and data is stored on servers. As an on demand service, proponents for cloud computing says that it is a way to increase capacity or add capabilities without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel or licensing new software. One of the greatest concerns, however, is the loss of control of the data since it is created outside the firewalls of the workplace. If you are considering cloud computing, understand the rewards and the risks by spending some time analyzing what your company may gain and what risks you may incur. —Nicole J. Harrell