Ja Morant Being Investigated by NBA and Colorado Police

    March 07, 2023, 09:00 AM

    NBA superstar Ja Morant is currently facing investigations by the NBA and Colorado police after Morant posted an Instagram Live video over the weekend in which he appeared to display a gun while at a nightclub in Glendale, Colorado.

    In wake of the video’s posting, it was announced that Morant would miss the next two Memphis Grizzlies games while the NBA investigates the matter. NBA rules prohibit players from possessing firearms while on team property or while traveling on team business.

    On Monday, it was announced that the Glendale Police Department are also investigating whether Morant might have broken any gun laws. Although Colorado has an open-carry gun law, there are exceptions to the law including possession while under the influence of alcohol. However, it is unclear whether Morant was intoxicated at the time of the video despite alcohol being present and consumption by others in the video.

    Furthermore, it was reported that the Grizzlies’ players held a team meeting prior to the current road trip to remind everyone of the rules on behavior and “going out” while on road trips—a meeting lead by veteran Steven Adams and intended for Morant following other recent questionable behavior and decisions.

    The NBA does not typically announce when it is conducting an investigation, so it is important to note the seriousness with which the NBA is proceeding. It would not be unexpected if Morant misses more time than just the announced two game absence and the NBA could ultimately end up handing down a material suspension. Added to the mix is the announcement of the criminal investigation by the Glendale Colorado Police, which brings with it another layer of severity including potential criminal charges. 

    These developments should ring loud as a caution to young athletes to be sure that they understand the rules governing their behavior during and after team activities including team rules, league rules and criminal laws. Athletes play away games during road trips in many different jurisdictions all with differing laws (particularly with respect to handguns and firearms), so it is imperative that athletes think about their actions and understand the possible repercussions of those actions—especially, since one of the most popular NBA superstars is not beyond reproach.