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Commercial Leases and Bankruptcy: What Every Landlord Should Know

August 26, 2020

In these unusually challenging times, it’s especially important to know your rights and remedies if your tenant files bankruptcy. This webinar addressed the process of a commercial tenant filing bankruptcy, outlining the time periods involved and the rights of the landlord along the various stages of the process.

We also addressed the recent emerging trends primarily from the Eastern District of Virginia which has become a targeted, favored forum for its expediency and ability to accommodate mega commercial bankruptcy cases without interruption, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, through use of remote proceedings by phone and video conferencing technologies.

The K&C Bankruptcy, Creditors’ Rights & Business Restructuring Team hosted a complimentary webinar where K&C attorneys Dennis Lewandowski and Lisa Kim guided you through the treatment of commercial leases in the bankruptcy process, emerging trends from recent mega commercial bankruptcy cases, and the impacts on commercial landlords. They also covered many of the bankruptcy problems commonly encountered by commercial landlords and how to solve them.

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