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Documenting ACA “Small” Employer Status: It’s time to Start Counting Hours

May 13, 2014

96% of employers have under 50 employees and will never be subject to the ACA employer mandate (the requirement that large employers provide qualifying health coverage to all full time employees or pay penalties)

2% of employers have between 50 and 99 employees and will not be subject to the ACA employer mandate until 2016 (assuming they meet certain minimal requirements)

But when the IRS starts issuing penalty notices for 2015 it will be up to all small employers to provide proof that they qualify as “small” for 2015.

Since “small” status for 2015 is based on 2014 employment statistics it’s now time to start tracking employee hours to create the relevant ‘proof of status’ reports.

This timely and informative webinar will cover the following main topics:

  1. Who is the “employer” (after considering the related company rules)?
  2. Who are the “employees” that need to be tracked (after considering the common law employee status of workers paid as independent contractors or paid by a staffing firm)?
  3. How are “hours of service” determined?
  4. Who is a “full-time employee?”
  5. How is the “full-time equivalent employee” number determined?
  6. How do I make the monthly calculations of full-time and full-time equivalent employees?
  7. How do I make the calculations if my payrolls don’t coincide with calendar months (I pay weekly or bi-weekly)?
  8. What are the permissible calculation periods under the 2014 transition rules?
  9. How does the “seasonal worker” exception work?

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