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Strategic Loan Participations: Getting Started

August 16, 2012

In today’s environment of historically low interest rates, net interest margins are shrinking and so are profits. Loan participations can be a great way for credit unions to grow their business and diversify their loan portfolio. Loan participations also pose a significant risk to the credit union, as they are typically much larger in dollar value than consumer loans and inherently are riskier due to the different underwriting standards. Loan participations also have unique legal, accounting and compliance aspects. During this 60-minute complimentary webinar, our presenters will provide an introduction and overview of loan participations; discuss the operational, legal and compliance risks; and cover the appropriate accounting requirements and best practices to ensure your institution gets started right.

Presented by:

Kaufman & Canoles

Harvey L. Johnson, CPA
Senior Manager, Witt Mares, PLC

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