Employment Law Alert – July 2018

    By Labor & Employment

    I’m In HR, Cyber Security Is an “IT” Problem

    Despite the fact that many believe that cyber security is “IT’s problem,” it is an undertaking that extends well beyond IT, and HR departments are key players to insure an organization is protected. For example, the HR department has responsibility for much of the information that is a prime target for cyber criminals. The HR department holds each employee’s name, address, social security number, and wage information. Accordingly, good cyber practice should be a priority for every HR department, and that can serve as an example throughout an organization.

    Employees are the single largest threat that organizations face in the battle against cyber crime, and an HR department serves as the primary gateway to those employees. Working in conjunction with IT and other departments, HR departments can develop and disseminate policies and engage employees in training. HR departments also serve as the disciplinarian in most organizations, and they can continue to take that role in connection with violations of an organization’s privacy and security policies. HR departments continue to play a role in cyber security even after the exit of an employee, since the HR department may be responsible for notifying other departments, including the IT department, of an employee’s departure. The HR department should also work alongside other departments to ensure that accounts are closed and access to information is severed.

    As you can see, its not just “IT’s problem.” Data privacy and security extends well beyond just the IT department and HR departments are a critical component in mitigating the risk of security incidents through effective employee management. To help HR professionals in this regard, the Chair of K&C’s Data Privacy and Security Practice Group, Nicole Harrell, will be available in the Answer Booth at the 34th Annual Employment Law Update on July 19, 2018 at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. We hope you will stop by at the seminar with any cyber security or other employment questions. To register for this final showing of the 34th Annual Employment Law Update click here or contact Caitlyn Anderson at 757-624-3232 or

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