Employment Law Alert – November 2016

    By Labor & Employment


    The salary requirement for the most commonly used overtime exemptions is scheduled to double from $455 per week to $913 per week effective December 1, 2016. Although there have been recent attempts to block this increase in Congress and in the Courts, both appear to be long shots. When contacted about a potential delay this past week, the former Regional Enforcement Coordinator for the DOL Wage-Hour Division, Patricia Slate, commented:

    “Most experts following the litigation and legislative efforts to delay the effective date of the scheduled doubling of the salary threshold for overtime exemptions feel that it is very unlikely that the December 1, 2016 deadline will be delayed. Accordingly, employers need to make immediate arrangements to either raise applicable salary levels to comply with this change or re-classify employees as non-exempt.”

    To help attendees get ready for this major wage-hour change, Ms. Slate will be a featured speaker at the November 17th showing of the 33rd Annual Employment Law Update to be held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. She will also present a workshop and be available generally throughout the day to answer any questions attendees might have on this and other wage-hour requirements. In keeping with the goals of the seminar, she will emphasize practical solutions with an eye to reducing the cost of wage-hour compliance. To hear from Ms. Slate and a number of other employment specialists, who will also be available to answer any and all employment questions, please register online by visiting us here or contact Andrea King at 757-624-3232.

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