International Business Advisory – An International Investor’s Legal Guide to Business in Virginia

    By Charles V. McPhillips, International, Manufacturing & Distribution

    We are pleased to present the third edition of our International Investor’s Legal Guide, which we trust will brief you on some of the most important legal issues affecting an international business investing in Virginia. Blessed with one of the world’s finest deep-water ports, with motivated and trained workersand with business-oriented local governments, Virginia is an excellent choice for locating your U.S. operations. We hope that this publication will serve to make your understanding of our state andcommunity more complete.

    Our firm has been privileged to represent numerous foreign-owned firms that have established a significant presence in Virginia. From this experience, we can emphatically say that international investors have found Virginia to be a profitable place in which to invest — and for many of them, an exciting place to make a new home. – Chuck McPhillips

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