Manufacturing & Distribution Client Advisory – Amazon Brand Registry

    By Nicole J. Harrell, Manufacturing & Distribution

    Companies spend good money to protect their brands with federal trademark registrations, only to find knock-off or similar products being sold on Amazon or other websites under the same or a confusingly similar trademark. Many times these “other” products are not of the same quality, leading to disappointed customers who will freely post bad reviews. In order to help combat this, Amazon has introduced the Amazon Brand Registry. Companies may now enroll the Amazon Brand Registry in an effort to reduce potential trademark violations and promote an accurate and consistent representation of their brands.

    In order to be eligible to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry, you must have a standard character mark or a stylized form mark registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The enrollment process requires additional information with respect to the registered trademarks, and requires that images of the products and packaging also be submitted. The image on the product and/or packaging must match the registered trademark. As an additional verification, if your counsel is listed in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records as the correspondent for your trademark registration, the Amazon Brand Registry personnel processing your enrollment may contact your counsel and provide your counsel with a verification code. Your counsel must then provide this verification code to you in order to complete the enrollment process.

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