Manufacturing & Distribution Client Alert – November 2016

    By Stephen E. Story, Manufacturing & Distribution


    For those of you who manufacture products that may be sold into California, or sell your products into California, you should be aware of (and beware of) California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, CA. Health and Safety Code 25249.6 Et Seq., commonly known as Proposition 65. This statute requires that any chemical California lists as known to cause cancer or birth defects, or other reproductive harm, be accompanied by a clear warning. For those in the manufacturing supply chain, you should be sure your material safety data sheets and other printed materials accompanying any product containing any such chemicals clearly disclose that the product contains a chemical requiring an accompanying warning label under California Proposition 65. California has a very active Plaintiff’s Bar enforcing California Proposition 65, which has limited defenses, making defending and settling claims quite expensive. For more information, please contact Stephen E. Story by email at or by telephone at 757) 624.3257.


    On November 17th the K&C Annual Employment Law Update returns to the Virginia Beach Convention Center for its 33rd year. The full-day seminar will feature members of the K&C Employment Law Team and speakers from several key employment law agencies. Attendees will have the opportunity to have any and all employment law questions answered by these and other speakers throughout the day and the speakers will be available in the ever-popular K&C Answer Booth. Seminar topics will include Effective Workplace Harassment Investigations, Hiring the Right People and ObamaCare/Other Benefits Under the New Administration, and more. For more information or to register contact Andrea King at 757).624.3232.

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