Kaufman & Canoles Forms Credit Union Team

    By Lender Representation Credit Union

    December 2012 — Kaufman & Canoles is pleased to announce that E. Andrew Keeney and Dustin H. DeVore have been selected to co-chair the firm’s Credit Union team. The Kaufman & Canoles Credit Union team was formed to respond to a growing credit union industry, where regulations are constantly changing and credit unions are expanding their reach geographically.

    “As credit unions grow, their need for new legal services increase,” said Keeney. “They require a broader range of legal services than ever before. Until now, those needs were not being entirely met. At Kaufman & Canoles, we’ve established a team with the depth and experience to meet those needs. I’m thrilled about this opportunity for the firm and our clients.”

    To meet our credit union clients needs, Keeney and DeVore have organized a team of attorneys with extensive knowledge in credit union governance, employment, real estate, intellectual property, vendor contract review, regulation and consumer and commercial finance.

    Members of the Kaufman & Canoles’ Credit Union team include Erin Deal, Brian O. Dolan, Alfred M. Randolph, Jr., and Hazel Wong.

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