Data Privacy and Security Client Alert – Beware: Hackers are Now Trying to Access Your Smartphone!

    By Nicole J. Harrell, Data Privacy and Security

    Hackers are getting more sophisticated in their attacks, opting to go straight for your smartphone rather than your e-mail. Smishing attacks, which are similar to phishing, are those that send a text message to your smartphone and ask you to click on a link. These texts often look official. However, once the user clicks on the link, the user is asked to send an email for more information or confirm certain personal information. If you respond your sensitive and personal information could be compromised. Smishing attacks have been used for identity theft, bank account take-overs, and accessing confidential information.

    The texts can vary in their forms. For example, a text may appear to be from your bank requesting you to update certain account information (including authorized account holders, passwords and security questions), or from a retailer promising free products, or from a friend asking for information.

    In order to protect yourself from these types of attacks, make sure you only click on links sent to you via text message from sources you trust. Do not click on links sent from unknown numbers. If a text appears to be from a legitimate institution, such as a bank, you should be able to call the institution directly to determine whether it actually sent the text message request. If it appears to be from a friend but the question or text message seems odd, call before your click. Do not call the phone number which sent the suspicious text. Additionally, suspicious texts should be deleted.

    Remember to think before you click or tap on any message.

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    *A special thanks to Summer Associate Alicia Penn for assisting with the research for and preparation of this alert.

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