Social Media for Franchisors

October 13, 2010, 06:39 PM

The use of social media for marketing is evolving at a rapid pace. Many franchisors, like others, have been hesitant to embrace social media because of the time commitment required to achieve measurable results. Identifying the social media platforms that will reach the target audience and managing profiles, content, blogs and posts can be daunting tasks. Begin by indentifying the top social media platforms that attract your target audience. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are likely to be at the top of the platform list, but other platforms that target specific geographic areas and appeal to specific demographic targets should be considered. Once you have identified the target platforms, begin to build your profile. Consider using a social media aggregator that will allow you to manage the various social media platforms from one account, and even select content to be posted on some, but not all, platforms. —Nicole J. Harrell