Tennessee and Virginia v. NCAA: The Wild(er) West of NIL in College Sports
    “The wild west” is by far the most frequent characterization used to describe college sports since NCAA v Alston, 141 S. Ct. 2141, paved the way for college athletes to be compensated for use of their Name, Image, and Likeness.
    Consumer Finance Client Alert – CFPB Proposes New Rule on Overdraft Practices
    On January 18, 2024, the CFPB proposed an extensive (211-page) rule on overdraft practices applicable to Financial Institutions (FIs) of $10 billion or more in assets (so called “very large FIs”).
    Attorney at Law Magazine: Managing a Client’s Cybersecurity Risk
    Joe Dickinson was interviewed in Attorney at Law Magazine North Carolina Triangle about appropriate cybersecurity risk levels for small and medium-sized companies. 
    Title Insurance Client Alert – Court of Appeals of Virginia Holds Proof of the Physical Location of an Easement is a Necessary Element of an Implied Easement
    Yesterday, the Court of Appeals of Virginia held that, in order to establish an implied easement, a party must prove the physical location of the easement.
    Consumer Finance Client Alert – CFPB Issues Report on Overdraft and NSF Fees
    On December 19, 2023, the CFPB issued a new report on OD/NSF Fees entitled “Insights From the Making Ends Meet (MEM) Survey and Consumer Credit Panel (CCP)”.
    Title Insurance Client Alert – New Court of Appeals of Virginia Opinion Regarding Key Requirements To Prove, And Rebut, The Existence Of An Easement By Prescription
    Yesterday, the Court of Appeals of Virginia addressed key requirements to prove, and rebut, the existence of an easement by prescription in Boxley v. Crouse, Record No. 0183-23-3.
    K&C Client Alert – Corporate Transparency Act
    The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) comes into effect January 1, 2024, imposing significant reporting obligations for millions of privately held entities, called Reporting Companies. Reporting Companies must report company ownership information to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a division under the U.S. Treasury.
    Game Changer: NIL Law Merges College Athletics, Legal Practice
    Will Palmer was quoted in the article titled "Game changer: NIL law merges college athletics, legal practice" in VA Lawyers Weekly on December 10, 2023.
    ESOPs & Employee Benefits – SECURE 2.0 Provisions Taking Effect in 2024
    As many surely recall, the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 included nearly 100 provisions affecting retirement plans.
    Title Insurance Client Alert – November 2023 – Recent Virginia Court of Appeals Opinion Holds Title Defect Alone is Insufficient to Plead Actual or Constructive Eviction
    Yesterday, the Court of Appeals of Virginia held where a plaintiff alleges its property is merely in the possession of a third party under a paramount title, it is insufficient to plead actual or constructive eviction, an element necessary for the plaintiff’s breach of general warranty claim, without an allegation that the third party actually asserted its paramount title.