Attorneys In Power Positions Amid Talent Shortage
    William R. Van Buren, III, was recently quoted in an article in Virginia Business titled “Attorneys In Power Positions Amid Talent Shortage.”
    Analysis of Potential Appraisal and AVM Bias In Lending — PAVEing the Path to the Unknown?
    Frank A. Hirsch, Jr. authored the article “Analysis of potential appraisal and AVM bias in lending — PAVEing the path to the unknown?”
    ESOPs & Employee Benefits Update – Q1 2022 Client Update
    Happy Spring from the K&C ESOPs & Employee Benefits practice group. We’ve compiled a short list of employee benefits updates from the first quarter of 2022.
    Title Insurance Client Alert – Supreme Court of Virginia Holds Restrictive Covenant Unenforceable
    Yesterday, in an unpublished order, the Supreme Court of Virginia held that a covenant restricting the sale of property on Smith Mountain Lake was unenforceable due to changed circumstances.
    Employment Law Alert – Workplace COVID-19 Protocols Revoked
    As expected, on March 21, 2022, the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board (Codes Board) met and voted to revoke 16 VAC 25-220, commonly called the Final Permanent Standard.
    Title Insurance Client Alert – Fourth Circuit Rejects Borrower’s Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claim Against Deed of Trust Trustee. Tayal v. Bank of NY Mellon, Case No. 20-1790
    Recently, a unanimous panel of the United States Circuit Court for the Fourth Circuit issued an unpublished opinion shooting down a borrower’s claim that the substitute trustee of his deed of trust breached its fiduciary duties by not stopping a foreclosure sale based on a dispute about amounts owing to the lender until after the borrower retained counsel and filed suit.
    Employment Law Alert – Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Harassment Now Outlawed
    Many employers require employees to sign agreements that contain arbitration provisions. Under such provisions, employees forgo bringing claims arising out of their employment in court and instead agree that an arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators will decide such disputes.
    The Evolving Landscape of Bank Overdraft Fee Practices
    Frank A. Hirsch, Jr. authored the article “The evolving landscape of bank overdraft fee practices” for Westlaw Today on March 2, 2022.
    Title Insurance Client Alert – Virginia Circuit Court Issues Recent Opinion on Permissible Parking on an Easement on a Subdivision Road
    Recently, the Circuit Court of the County of Gloucester, Virginia resolved a neighborhood dispute regarding the permissible use of an easement on a road in a subdivision.
    DOJ Civil Cyber Fraud Initiative and Cyber Incident Response and Reporting
    Catherine A. Byrd, Joseph E. Houchin, and Patrick H. O'Donnell presented "DOJ Civil Cyber Fraud Initiative and Cyber Incident Response and Reporting" to the North Carolina Military Business Center on January 12, 2022.