You can count on our commitment to business, and our experience in international business and investment matters.

    • Who We Are

      We are the leading representatives of foreign-affiliated companies doing business in Hampton Roads. Decisions with respect to any substantial trade matter are rarely confined to a single forum, require a single set of skills, or ignore economic, political or legal consequences. With years of experience, K&C attorneys involved in international trade and investment matters bring a full range of business, legal and economic services to companies engaged in international commerce. We are always willing to work hard at finding the best business and legal solutions for your company.

    • What We Do

      With our diverse experience in international business matters, chances are we’ve resolved problems or closed transactions similar to yours. We advise businesses engaged in both ‘outgoing’ and ‘incoming’ cross-border transactions.

      We help importers and exporters answer questions such as:

      • How do I get paid?
      • Should I require a letter of credit?
      • What about foreign exchange controls?
      • What business entity works best for international trade?
      • Is a joint venture with an overseas company a viable solution?
      • What are the export controls I will be subject to?
      • How do I resolve a dispute?
      • Whose law applies in the sales contract?
      • How is performance measured?
      • What are the pros and cons of distributors and agents?
      • What are the Export Administration Regulations, and how might they effect the export of my freight?

      In addition to partnering with preferred translation and interpretation services, we have in-house skills in the following languages:

      • Chinese
      • French
      • German
      • Italian
      • Russian
      • Spanish
      • Vietnamese
    • Our Track Record

      Kaufman & Canoles has been privileged to represent numerous foreign-owned firms that have established a presence in Virginia, as well as represent domestic companies doing business outside the United States. We offer experience in:

      • structuring the U.S. in-bound investment,
      • setting up international distribution networks,
      • structuring foreign and domestic joint ventures, and
      • drafting international sales and licensing agreements.

      We advise clients generally on issues such as:

      • incorporations,
      • export licensing,
      • foreign trade zones,
      • anti-boycott regulations,
      • competition laws,
      • international dispute resolution,
      • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,
      • letters of credit,
      • Customs matters,
      • intellectual property protection,
      • foreign and U.S. tax considerations,
      • foreign and U.S. investment regulations, and
      • estate planning considerations.

      With the many details businesses dealing in an international market must focus on, we can help you identify legal and business pitfalls and help you build on your strengths to get you where you want to go.

    • Press And Publication