At Kaufman & Canoles, giving back to our communities is a way of life. Our commitment dovetails with our belief that going beyond by helping our neighbors and those in need is essential to make the places we work, live, and play the places we love – and are proud – to call home.

By sharing our time, talent and financial resources, Kaufman & Canoles brings opportunity and hope to countless individuals that rely on the outreach programs of civic and nonprofit organizations for food, housing, medical care, education, recreation, cultural enrichment, legal counsel, and other vital services. The firm is proud to be CIVIC Leadership Institute’s 2019 Darden Award recipient, recognized for our commitment and contributions to the Hampton Roads community.

Kaufman & Canoles attorneys and professionals dedicate thousands of hours annually to helping advance the missions of organizations located in our communities. We serve in leadership roles on boards, committees, and capital fundraising campaigns; volunteer at local Foodbanks; participate annually in the Legal Food Frenzy and United Way Day of Caring; collect school supplies; participate in runs and walks to support charitable causes; and collect funds, supplies, and clothes to help victims impacted by disasters.

As we look to the next century, we continue our charitable giving program, kaufCANcares, by donating $500 to charities nominated and chosen by our employees, throughout the year.

  • 2022 Recipients

    MAY & JUNE
    LGBT Life Center

    LGBT Life Center was nominated by Mary Beth Sherwin, a Member in our Norfolk office, and chair of the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee. With over 30 years of local history in Hampton Roads, LGBT Life Center’s mission is to empower the LGBTQ communities and all people affected by HIV through improving health and wellness, strengthening families and communities, and providing transformative education and advocacy. When they started in 1989, they focused on women and children living with HIV/AIDS. Over the years, as HIV has changed, their work has changed. Their organization has grown as well, and they work to meet the diverse needs of our community. Today, LGBT Life Center’s commitment to a healthy Hampton Roads remains as strong as ever. Our donation will help with monthly bus pass for clients to travel to medical and support services (support groups, testing services, and social activities), provide one week’s worth of nutritious meals for an HIV+ client, cover free HIV/STD screening and sexual health consulting for one client and lastly provide a “move-in-kit” to one of their housing clients including cups, plates, sheets, and basic cleaning supplies. To read more about LGBT Life Center, please click here.

    James River Association

    James River Association was nominated by Greg Davis, a Member in our Williamsburg office. The James River Association strives to provide a voice for the James River on important policy issues. Through advocacy at the citizen, local, state, and federal levels, the James River Association works to ensure the health of the James River. Thanks to their advocacy, the river has become one of the nation’s most improved river from one of the most polluted rivers. More than one-third of all Virginians rely on the James River and its tributaries for water, commerce, and recreation. The river is 340 miles long and is fed by 25,000 miles of tributaries, which makes it one of the longest rivers in America that begins and ends in the same state. Our donation will help pay for water quality bacteria tests, to train a RiverRep volunteer to become a voice for JRA, plant a living shoreline project to help slow erosion, provide wildlife habitat and improve water quality. To learn more about their advocacy efforts and how you can help JRA, please click here.

    Bully Advocate & Rescue Collective (BARC)

    BARC was nominated by by Andrea King, our Marketing Coordinator in the Norfolk office. Bully Advocate & Rescue Collective (BARC) is a breed-specific organization that focuses on pitbulls and their mixes. Because of a few bad examples in the media, the entire breed is suffering from an undeserved stigma. BARC pulls bully breeds from shelters throughout the Hampton Roads area and gives the dogs a chance to shine in a private home setting via fosters. When a dog is out of the unfamiliar and scary shelter environment, it has a chance to relax and become more social, which in turn makes it easier to find a permanent home for the dog. BARC has even had a dog that the shelter called "unadoptable" become a loving family pet. Our donation will go towards medical care (heart worm treatments, spaying and neutering, flea and tick preventative, etc.), food and basic equipment like collars, leashes and kennels. Without these donations, large bully breeds would end up waiting in shelters for their entire lives, or worse, euthanized as unadoptable. To learn how you can help or rescue these kind pets, please click here.

    Roc Solid Foundation

    Roc Solid Foundation was nominated by Tiffany Lynch, our Talent Acquisition & Engagement Manager in the Norfolk office. Roc Solid Foundation’s founder, Eric Newman, fought a rare form of liver cancer when he was just three years old. To the surprise of his doctors, he beat the odds and has been in remission since then. To give back, Eric founded Roc Solid in 2009 and he created the first fundraiser that benefited the hospital that saved his life. Roc Solid offers two programs to help kids who are fighting cancer. The first program is the Play It Forward which provides custom backyard playsets to kids fighting cancer, the second the Ready Bag program which includes everything that a family might need for their unexpected hospital stay. The bags may include toiletries, a blanket, a journal, a tablet and more. These essentials are helpful, but they hope they also send a message to each family that they are not alone as they begin their journey. Roc Solid has distributed thousands of Ready Bags in partnership with children’s hospitals all over the country. Our donation will help purchase playset supplies/materials to build customized playsets and to purchase supplies for their Ready Bags. To read more about their two programs, please click here.

    Moms Matter

    Moms Matter was nominated by Lauren Kadish, a Member in our Norfolk office. Sentara Norfolk General Hospital is the first hospital in Virginia to launch Moms Matter, a program of home-based follow-up care for new mothers who leave the hospital on prescribed hypertension medications. Hypertension is a known cause of morbidity and death for women after childbirth. Women of color are especially vulnerable. As part of Sentara's newly expanded Corporate Social Responsibility program, a $65,000 grant will support a partnership between Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and the Children's Health Investment Program (CHIP of South Hampton Roads), which assigns nurses to visit new moms during the first year after childbirth. Every woman in the program also goes home with a personal blood pressure cuff to aid in self-monitoring. Moms Matter nurses will help women attend follow-up OB visits and assist in connecting them with primary care physicians. They'll look for stressors that complicate life after childbirth, including food insecurity, transportation issues, and other children at home learning virtually during the pandemic. The nurses will initially make weekly virtual visits to ensure moms are taking their medications correctly and provide additional health education. They will screen for postpartum depression and support breastfeeding and safe sleep practices for newborns. Our donation will help get the resources that the new moms may need such as food, transportation costs to doctors’ visits, and medications not covered by insurance. To learn more about Moms Matter and their impact in our community, please click here.

    Luke’s Legacy

    Luke’s Legacy was nominated by Sarah Messersmith, Of Counsel, in the Newport News office. Luke’s Legacy is a non-profit organization established in March 2021 by his family and friends to carry on Luke's last wishes. Luke was born in Newport News in 2004 to an Air Force family. He was an integral part of the track and cross-country team at Menchville High School, where he was known for his commitment to the team and speed on the track. In December 2020, after a courageous battle, Luke succumbed to a rare form of cancer and passed away at the age of 16.

    Luke’s Legacy was created to serve many purposes:

    • Support the Menchville High School Cross Country and Track team

    • Provide two scholarships to benefit high school athletes living in Hampton Roads, Virginia

    • Support pediatric cancer research and research into rare cancers

    Our donation will support the Menchville athletics team and help fund the scholarships to the graduating seniors. To learn more about Luke’s Legacy, please visit their Facebook Page.

    The Children’s Center

    The Children’s Center was nominated by Bob Powell, Of Counsel, in our Norfolk office. The Children’s Center is a nonprofit agency that provides children ages birth to five with early childhood education services, such as high-quality childcare. They nurture and educate children, as well as their families because the family is the best teacher and decision-maker. Their programs serve a diverse Western Tidewater community, including children with disabilities and developmental delays. They offer educational childcare services including both center-based and home-based services and programs for pregnant moms. Our donation will help serve children from the classroom to the home, purchase school supplies and give children unlimited opportunities to help better their quality of life. To learn how you can help the Children’s Center, please click here.

    Tidewater Ukrainian School

    Tidewater Ukrainian School was nominated by Laura Mae, the firm’s Facilities Manager. Tidewater Ukrainian School was established by Americans of Ukrainian heritage with the support of Tidewater Ukrainian Cultural Association (TUCA) to promote and preserve the language and culture of Ukraine through offering classes in Ukrainian language, history, crafts, music, and dancing. Its mission is to teach and guide a new generation of Americans of Ukrainian heritage through classes and special events. After the devastating and unexpected war with Russia, the school started a fundraiser to help purchase emergency supplies and assist Ukraine citizens in their most vulnerable time. All donated items will be distributed to Teropil, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and others in western Ukraine. To read more about the school and learn how you can help donate to Ukraine, please click here.

    3e Restoration

    3e Restoration was nominated by Robert Johnson, a Member in our Newport News office. 3e Restoration is a Williamsburg-based Christian Community Development Agency that helps equip and encourage faith communities to empower neighbors living through social displacement to holistic sufficiency. Their holistic approach helps address the physical, mental, and social traumas that occur in those without housing, those living in poverty, those who have substance abuse challenges, the formerly incarcerated, survivors of domestic abuse, and other often marginalized populations. Through direct action and partnerships with other governmental, non-profit, and business organizations, 3e Restoration provides holistic relationships-based assistance to strengthen well-being and self-efficiency, housing assistance, educational and workforce assistance, and related services within a defined framework. Our donation will go to finding placement and housing resources for the homelessness. To find out more about their approach and programs, please click here.

    Paws In Need, Inc.

    Paws In Need, Inc. was nominated by Amy Harman, a Member in our Chesapeake office. Paws In Need was started by Gina Highfield in 2019 after her pet, Sissy, had an emergency life-threatening situation and Gina was unable to afford the veterinary care to save her life, even with the help of friends and complete strangers. The cost of surgeries and emergency vet visits can quickly become costly, and Paws in Need’s goal is to assist those who have exhausted all measures to cover the care their pet needs. They are able to help pet owners in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and parts of North Carolina, such as Moyock and Elizabeth City. To date, Paws In Need has helped over 600 pets and assisted with nearly $150,000 in medical bills, all from the help of the community and donors. Our donation will go directly towards the lifesaving treatment of a pet in need in Hampton Roads. To make a donation or learn how you can help, please click here.

    Mercy Chefs

    Mercy Chefs was nominated by Gayle Gregg, Technical Services Librarian in our Norfolk office. Mercy Chefs was founded in 2006 by Chef Gary LeBlanc, after he volunteered in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He saw the difference that a hot meal could make and was surprised and outraged by the quality of food that was being served. With thirty-five years of hospitality industry under his belt, Chef Gary started Mercy Chefs and to date, Mercy Chefs has served over 18.5 million meals. They now have six mobile kitchens, four community kitchens, and they can respond across the United States, as well as abroad. They work with existing organizations within a community to maximize efforts and strengthen the community itself. They partner with local organizations and volunteers, so their work can continue long after the Mercy Chefs’ team and trucks depart. In some instances they maintain a permanent presence in an area and provide locals with the necessary equipment, materials, and training to maintain operations. Their focus is not solely placed on immediate impact but also long-term recovery and enrichment. Our donation will help maintain regular maintenance and upkeep for their mobile kitchens, to help cover travel expenses and prepare for their next emergency call, and most importantly to help cover any meals and food costs to those who have fallen on hard times. To read about how you can help support their mission, please click here.

    St. Timothy Lutheran Food Bank

    St. Timothy Lutheran Food Bank was nominated by Laurel Gunter, the firm’s Accounting Supervisor. St. Timothy Lutheran Food Bank is associated with the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore, a member of Feeding America™ and the Federation of Virginia Food Banks. This particular food bank supports its warehouse distribution program, including all food and grocery products from food drives, purchases, and donations from manufacturers and supermarkets. This is the heart of the Foodbank – where millions of pounds of food are sorted, boxed, and delivered to 300 Partner Agencies and Programs. They provide for people experiencing food insecurity throughout Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore. The Foodbank remains committed to ending hunger today for the people they serve. That’s why they strive to ensure that healthy, nutritious options are available to the most vulnerable communities. With 40 years of experience, they understand that providing food for someone will lighten the issue of hunger at that moment. Our donation will help with food programs and transportation costs to their distribution centers. To read about their programs or how you can help, please click here.

  • 2021 Recipients

    Child Development Resources, Inc. (CDR)

    Child Development Resources, Inc. (CDR) was nominated by Alex Powell, a Member in our Williamsburg office, and Benny Zhang, an Associate in our Williamsburg office. Established in 1965, CDR’s purpose is to inspire and empower children, families, and early childhood professionals to reach their full potential, whatever their challenges may be. They serve families with infants and toddlers from birth to age three in Williamsburg, James City County, York County, and Poquoson, Virginia. By providing early intervention services and making affordable, high-quality early care and education a priority, they are helping to ensure that the children of today grow up to be productive citizens of tomorrow. They have skilled consultants work with each program to identify and meet its individual needs and to help caregivers address the most pressing issues in the field today. The training is offered by CDR’s Center for Professional Development on a fee-for-service basis and by funded projects at no cost to participants. Our donation will help purchase supplies for CDR therapists, educators and family consultants, but will mainly cover diapers for infants. To learn more about CDR, please click here.

    REACH (Reading Enriches All Children)

    REACH (Reading Enriches All Children) was nominated by Bob Powell, Of Counsel, in our Norfolk office. REACH is a volunteer organization that promotes literacy and education for children who are at-risk and homeless throughout Coastal Virginia. Through their programs, they advocate volunteers to spend time with children in various settings, reading and providing fun interactions and activities. Reading is an important foundation for success and their Read Aloud programs help homeless and at-risk children beat the odds and work to achieve future academic achievement. Their goal is to continue meeting regional priorities of improving literacy and education for children ages 0-17, especially those living in poverty. With our donation, REACH will purchase more books at a discounted price from local vendors to support their newly renovated bookstore in Norfolk and help reach their goal of 40,000 books in their distribution center. If you would like to read more about REACH or would like to volunteer, please click here.

    Governor’s School for the Arts Foundation

    Governor’s School for the Arts Foundation was nominated by JoAnn Byrum, the firm’s Document Resources Supervisor. The Governor's School for the Arts is a center for innovation that develops excellence, nurtures creativity, inspires artistic vision, and builds communities with a passion for the arts. They offer premiere arts training in Hampton Roads in six departments: Dance, Instrumental Music, Musical Theatre, Theater & Film, Visual Arts, and Vocal Music. Each department trains students to develop in their art form with a focus on conservatory style study. The GSA Foundation helps support travel fees since GSA fully covers transportation and there are no tuition fees for students to participate. Their goal is to help prepare students to engage the arts thoughtfully and creatively while becoming life-long learners and advocates of the arts. Doing so also helps build audiences to appreciate and enjoy the arts within the community. Our donation will help with transportation, hotels, and food when the students travel out of town for performances. To read more about GSA and to view their schedule of events, please click here.

    Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities

    Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities was nominated by Nia Lissimore, the Marketing Manager in our Norfolk office. VCIC creates spaces and places where people from all backgrounds feel engaged and supported. They believe that inclusion exists when people accept, respect, and value differences. The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities works with schools, businesses, and communities to achieve success by addressing prejudices, in all forms, in order to improve academic achievement, increase workplace productivity, and enhance local trust. Through workshops, retreats, and customized programs that raise knowledge, motivation, and skills, VCIC develops leaders who work together to achieve success throughout the Commonwealth. To read more about VCIC, please click here.

    Tidewater Arts Outreach

    Tidewater Arts Outreach was nominated by Lydia Mugler, our Newport News Tax Paralegal, and Nora Kopacki, our Newport News Litigation Paralegal. It was founded in 2004 by artist MaryAnn Toboz and the mission of TOA is to bring joy to older adults and those living in isolating circumstances, and enhance their well-being through creative engagement with the arts. Tidewater Arts Outreach reaches thousands of participants with an average of over 200 programs per year. Even in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, TAO continues to engage those who experience isolation from society. To read more about Tidewater Arts Outreach, please click here.

    Stand for the Silent

    Stand for the Silent, anonymously nominated by a K&C employee, was started in 2010 by a group of high school students in Oklahoma City, OK, after they heard the story of Kirk and Laura Smalley’s son, Ty Field - Smalley. At eleven years-old, Ty took his own life after being suspended from school for retaliating against a bully who had been bullying him for over two years. Stand for the Silent exists as a platform to allow Kirk and Laura to share their story, and offer education and tools that will prevent their tragedy from happening to another child and family. Kirk and Laura’s mission is to continue to change kids’ lives and bring awareness to bullying and the real devastation it causes. The program addresses the issue of school bullying with an engaging, factual, and emotional methodology. Above all, it illustrates the main lesson taught through the Stand For The Silent program: I AM SOMEBODY. To learn more about Kirk and Laura’s program, please click here.

    Chesapeake Shelter Area Team

    Chesapeake Area Shelter Team was nominated by David Whitson, the Director of Administration in our Norfolk office. Chesapeake Area Shelter Team is the community of faith providing Emergency Overnight Winter Shelter for the homeless in the city of Chesapeake, Virginia. Through local donations from churches, organizations, business, and ministries, CAST has served 8,173 dinners to those in need to the community thus far. The program typically runs from November through April and has 20 to 22 church partners. To read more about CAST, please click here.

    Afghan Interpreter’s Fund – Semper Fi

    Afghan Interpreter’s Fund – Semper Fi was nominated by Dustin DeVore, a Member in our Williamsburg office. The Fund emphasizes interpreter heroes as family. Service members have made it clear that their interpreters, who fought side by side with them in Afghanistan, are a part of their family. That is why Afghan Interpreter’s Fund was created. Their initiative will provide aid to interpreters and their own families as they start a new life in the United States. This aid will be delivered by service members and veterans, sending the message that “you had our backs, now we have yours.” Our donation will help the Afghan families create a brighter future in America. To learn more about Afghan Interpreter’s Fund, please click here.

    Inter-Faith Food Shuttle

    Inter-Faith Food Shuttle was nominated by Tami O’Brien, a Legal Assistant & Office Administrator in our Raleigh office. Inter-Faith Food Shuttle is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a member of the Feeding America National Network of Food Banks. As a Feeding America Food Bank, they recover and distribute food to our low-income neighbors, but they know putting food on a plate is not enough. They also provide programs designed to empower people with skills to meet their own food needs through culinary job training, beginner gardening, and cooking healthy on a budget. They feed, teach, and grow to create a hunger-free and healthy community. The Food Shuttle operates in a seven-county service area in central North Carolina, including Wake, Durham, Johnston, Orange, Chatham, Nash, and Edgecombe counties. For more information on Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, please click here.

    Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory

    Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory was nominated by Laura Mae, Facilities Manager in our Norfolk office. Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory’s mission is “Protecting wildlife through field research, education and habitat conservation.” The healthy survival of our wildlife is critical to our region’s way of life. The Observatory has funded songbird banding and hawk banding by other organizations and has conducted its own banding programs at Kiptopeke State Park and First Landing State Park. The Observatory participates in the Prothonotary Warbler Nesting Program, in conjunction with Virginia Commonwealth University and partners with Richmond Audubon Society in the study of Northern Saw-whet Owls. Since 1977, CVWO has conducted raptor research during fall migration at Kiptopeke State Park located on Virginia's Eastern Shore. During this time, raptor populations have declined due to habitat loss and pesticides, as well as other factors. CVWO's research contributes to international databases, scientific insight, and preservation of these magnificent birds of prey. To learn more about the Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory, please click here.

    Virginia Beach CASA

    Virginia Beach CASA was nominated by Laura D. Rixey, a Member in our Virginia Beach office. Virginia Beach Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) is a private, non-profit organization that recruits, trains and supervises competent volunteers dedicated to advocating for the needs of abused and neglected children currently in court proceedings. The program promotes safe, permanent homes for all children and seeks to educate the community concerning the needs of these children. CASA volunteers are members of the community who receive extensive education and training to advocate for the children. Their ultimate responsibility is to promote safe, permanent homes as quickly as possible. It is slow, painstaking, and incredibly challenging work, but one child at a time, CASA Volunteers are making a difference in our community. Our donation will go toward training volunteers that will help children in Virginia Beach who are in dire need of a powerful and compassionate advocate. To learn more about Virginia Beach CASA, please click here.

    Assisting Families of Inmates

    Assisting Families of Inmates was nominated by Lewis W. Webb III, a Member in our Norfolk office. The mission of AFOI is to provide opportunities for regular, meaningful visitation, referrals to community resources, and other services that help families cope with incarceration and prepare for release and reunification. They strive to prevent the breakdown of relationships among inmates and their families by providing these services. Their programs help families and loved ones throughout the period of incarceration, and also prepare families for a successful transition when the inmate is released from prison and back into the community. Assisting Families of Inmates is one of only a handful of such programs to provide these services in Virginia and across the United States. To learn more about Assisting Families of Inmates, please click here.

    MAY & JUNE
    Island Dog Rescue

    Island Dog Rescue was nominated by Caitlyn Anderson, our Client Service & Recruiting Assistant in our Norfolk, VA office. Island Dog Rescue’s mission is to promote the responsible care and humane treatment of animals of the Caribbean communities. They ensure shelter for animals and enable adoption programs for orphaned animals from the Caribbean islands to homes in the United States. Since 2016, they have found forever homes for over 31,000 dogs from the U.S. Virginia Islands, Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean islands. Our donation will help cover the costs of travel fees, food, and veterinary care. For more information on Island Dog Rescue, please click here.

    St. Joseph's Villa

    St. Joseph’s Villa was nominated by Neil Talegaonkar, Of Counsel in the firm’s Richmond office. St. Joseph’s Villa provides children with special needs and their families the opportunity to succeed through innovative and effective programs. They serve children and families facing homelessness, autism and developmental disabilities, mental illness, special education needs, and other challenges. Their passion is helping them reach their potential and live fuller, more independent lives. No matter what, they never stop believing in them. Their wraparound approach to education, therapy, and care addresses individual needs and leads those they serve to recognize that they are valued. Vulnerable children and families grow stronger as they gain skills for long-term success and stability. Villa staff brings expertise from many fields to help them thrive in the community. They have served 57 locations throughout Virginia since 2015, and impact more than 3,000 lives each year. For more information on St. Joseph’s Villa, please click here.

    Pandas Fight Against Cancer

    Pandas Fight Against Cancer was nominated by Nicole Duncan, Kaufman & Canoles' Account Manager. Based in Hampton Roads, Pandas Fight Against Cancer started with founder PJ Reed, who is a big cuddly teddy bear and was given the nickname Panda. He started giving back in 2015 by holding fundraisers for his birthday and donating the money to a local cancer patient. Pandas Fight Against Cancer became a 501© 3 nonprofit organization in January 2020. The Panda represents helping a family in need effected by cancer. It signifies strength, hope, and unity. Their goal is to expand outside of Hampton Roads. Our donation will help local families in need who are battling cancer. For more information on Pandas Fight Against Cancer, please click here.

    Literacy for Life

    Literacy for Life was nominated by Benny Zhang, an Associate in our Williamsburg office. Literacy for Life improves lives by teaching adults literacy skills required for self-sufficiency, better health, and meaningful participation in society. They are the only organization in Williamsburg that provides individualized, one-to-one, and small group tutoring for adults in reading, writing, and math skills as well as instruction in English for speakers of other languages. They also support learners pursuing high school completion through the General Educational Development (GED) Test. Literacy for Life’s offsite program provides classes taught by professional instructors with tutor support at area businesses, nonprofit agencies, and public schools. Literacy for Life has helped people with numerous individual goals, including studying for and passing the U.S. citizenship exam, obtaining a better job, learning to manage family finances, passing a driver’s license test, effectively communicating with medical professionals, and helping a child with homework. For more information on Literacy for Life, please click here.

    Organization of Chinese Americans - Central Virginia Chapter

    Organization of Chinese Americans - Central Virginia Chapter (OCA-CVC) was nominated by Sherry Li, an Associate in our Richmond office. OCA-CVC is dedicated to the betterment of Chinese and other Asian Pacific Americans. They strive to foster development, leadership, and engagement through their programs. OCA-CVC advocates for social justice, equal opportunity, and fair treatment and promotes civic participation, education, and leadership. Part of their goals also include advancing coalitions and community building, and fostering cultural heritage. Recently, in response to the dramatic rise of anti-Asian hate crimes, OCA-CVC helped to co-organize Stop the Hate Rally and the Candlelight Vigil to honor the dead, pray for peace, and stop the hate. OCA-CVC also offers many programs to increase engagement such as free virtual tutoring dedicated to bringing equal academic opportunities to underserved communities. OCA-CVC plans to use this fund for their Free Virtual Tutoring Program. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions in many students' learning. Therefore, OCA-CVC offers a free virtual teaching program dedicated to bringing equal academic opportunities to underserved communities. For more information on Organization of Chinese Americans – Central Virginia Chapter, please click here.

    Richmond Cycling Corps

    Richmond Cycling Corps was nominated by Tony Basch, a Member in our Richmond office. RCC aims to change the lives of youth who live in Richmond’s public housing projects by using bicycles as a means to build relationships with middle school and high school students. RCC has a five pillar approach to outreach: Community, Education, Employment, Health & Wellness, and Individual Support. Cycling is used as a tool to create engagement towards further development and as an opportunity to provide structure and stability through RCC’s various programs. RCC provides an inventory of bikes with which kids are able to participate at zero cost to families. RCC also provides employment opportunities through local businesses and their own Kickstand for bike rentals. They offer individual support and help to invest resources to educate the most marginalized students who are unable to succeed in a traditional education environment. For more information on Richmond Cycling Corps, please click here.

    Latisha's House Foundation

    Latisha's House Foundation was nominated by Alison Lennarz, Of Counsel in our Williamsburg office. Founded in response to Latisha’s story of being a young girl who was trafficked as a child and sold across state lines and then was forced to turn tricks, was beaten if she kept any money she earned, and had to depend on her pimp for any clothing, food, or shelter, Latisha’s House Foundation provides a long-term, trauma-informed safe house for adult female survivors of human trafficking. Latisha’s House Foundation provides its residents the services and tools they need to allow them to live healthy and productive lives. They offer trauma counseling; life skills, life coaching, and job training; emergency medical, dental, and psychiatric care; GED tutoring and education; victim advocacy; identification; social support; and spiritual development. For more information on Latisha’s House Foundation, please click here.

    ACCESS College Foundation

    ACCESS College Foundation was nominated by Ran Randolph, a Member in our Norfolk office. ACCESS College Foundation provides educational pathways leading to certification or college degree attainment and career opportunities for students, particularly those who may not otherwise have access. They aim to give every desiring student the opportunity to enrich their lives and our communities through training and education beyond high school. They provide scholarships to seniors and offer college counseling and financial counseling on how to make college possible in order to inspire hope that a college experience is possible for any qualified student, regardless of resources. Our donation will help their fundraising goals, as many of their primary fundraising events have had to be canceled due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, and will help to support their scholarship program. For more information on ACCESS College Foundation, please click here.

    The Hurrah Players

    The Hurrah Players is a not-for-profit organization committed to unite and advance communities through accessible, quality, family-friendly performances and education. They seek to provide affordable performing arts training that promotes the building of strong character for all students, regardless of race, religion, creed, or ability to pay. One of the hallmarks of The Hurrah Players is that they never turn a child away because of an inability to pay for academy classes or camps. Their students come from all types of economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. The Hurrah Players teach not only acting, dancing, and audition tech, but also life skills, such as time management, confidence, self-worth, a strong work ethic, teamwork, accountability, and discipline. In honor of Black History Month, The Hurrah Players held a show dedicated to the educational celebration of Black Girl Magic, a compilation of original scenes, vignettes, poems, and performances that celebrate the lives and accomplishments of Black girls and women past and present. Black Girl Magic is an inclusive opportunity to join in the celebration of women often overlooked and undervalued. For more information on The Hurrah Players, please click here and for information on their upcoming shows, please click here.

    Youth Challenge of Hampton Roads/Faith Recovery

    Youth Challenge of Hampton Roads/Faith Recovery is a faith-based recovery program that has been helping men and women facing addiction since 1979. Addiction has devastated so many families and our community loses men and women to overdose every day. Overdoses have killed more people per year in Virginia than vehicle wrecks or guns since 2013. Youth Challenge helps to restore hope to addicts and their families by rebuilding the lives that have been devastated by drug addiction and alcoholism and by establishing productive citizens back into the community. They offer a comprehensive residential program for men and women age 18 and older, a 30 day program focusing on developing new and healthy routines, and a family enrichment program to help bring the family into the recovery process. Our donation will help with the new students recently accepted into their program. For more information on Youth Challenge of Hampton Roads, please click here.


    ACTS RVA was nominated by Neil Talegaonkar, Of Counsel in the firm’s Richmond office and President of ACTS’ Board of Directors. Richmond has one of the highest rates of eviction in the country and the threat of eviction has only increased due to the pandemic. ACTS is a nonprofit organization that works to help people avoid evictions by providing assistance, such as paying rent, utilities, etc. to people who are working to stay in their homes. ACTS clients are often people with limited financial resources who are trying to help themselves, but have been hit by an unexpected financial crisis, such as a hospital bill or loss of job. ACTS offers compassionate, thoughtful, thorough, and professional support to help keep people—our neighbors—in their own homes and to keep families intact. For more information on ACTS RVA, please click here.

    Sentara Princess Anne NICU Care Closet

    Sentara Princess Anne NICU Care Closet was nominated by Laura Dickson Rixey, a Member in the firm’s Virginia Beach office. This organization resonates with Laura because her son, Jack, spent 65 days in the NICU, with the last 30 of those days at Sentara Princess Anne. Sentara’s NICU Care Closet helps provide many of the desperately needed but not deemed “medically necessary” items for babies and that are not provided by the hospital through insurance, such as bottles, preemie clothing, Mamma Roos, and other things that help make the babies and families more comfortable. Our donation will help stock the closet for new parents with these supplies, specifically helping to purchase new fleece blankets for the newborn babies who need extra care and support.

  • 2020 Recipients

    Drive to Work

    Drive to Work was nominated by Bob Powell, Of Counsel in the firm’s Norfolk office. Drive To Work’s mission is to assist low income or previously incarcerated persons to restore their driving privileges so that they can drive to work and keep a job. Randy Rollins, Drive-To-work Founder, and President, believes that “employment is the best antidote for poverty, offender recidivism, and poor self-worth.” By helping these individuals to obtain their license, Drive-To-Work is empowering them to be job-ready, which could be the second chance they need to break the cycle of poverty and recidivism. Drive-To-Work also operates by providing legal aid and advice and by advocating for changes in the law to improve opportunities for suspended individuals to get their licenses back. Both Bob Powell and Nicole Harrell also volunteer with Drive-To-Work by giving lectures at area correctional facilities. For more information on Drive-To-Work, please click here.

    Hope For Life Rescue

    Hope For Life Rescue was nominated by Carla Pompey, a Legal Assistant in the Virginia Beach office. Hope for Life Rescue is a non-profit, pro-life organization committed to the rescue and placement of abandoned, abused, neglected, and left behind street animals. Unlike many pet shelters, Hope for Life Rescue doesn’t believe in caging animals, so their rescues are either free-roam or live in decorated glass rooms until they can go to their permanent homes. All medical expenses are covered by the center as well. Despite this, Hope for Life Rescue does not have a set adoption fee, so they depend on donations to help cover the costs of caring for their animals. For more information on Hope for Life Rescue, please click here.

    Newport News Police Foundation/Katie Thyne Memorial Fund

    Newport News Police Foundation/Katie Thyne Memorial Fund was nominated by Laura Rait, a legal assistant in the firm’s Newport News office. Officer Katie Thyne was killed in the line of duty on January 23, 2020, during a traffic stop. In honor of her life, legacy, and commitment to the community, the Newport News Police Department established a fund to care for her surviving 2-year-old daughter, Raegan. The fund is housed under the Newport News Police Foundation, which helps to provide critical resources to the Newport News Police Department and to help make Newport News a safer place to live, work, play, and raise a family. Officer Thyne was a valued member of the community and the Newport News precinct. The Newport News Police Foundation hopes that this fund will help to honor her memory, care for her family, and inspire others to support her legacy. For more information, please click here.

    James River Outdoor Coalition
    James River Outdoor Coalition

    James River Outdoor Coalition was nominated by Lindsey Chase, Of Counsel in the firm’s Richmond office. With a goal to provide access for all, the James River Outdoor Coalition seeks to provide resources to complete improvements in and around the James River Park System and to educate and advise others on issues pertaining to the park. They are currently working on one of their most ambitious endeavors ever: to create a universal access ramp at the Huguenot Flatwater section, which will help provide access to people of all ability levels to both the flatwater and downstream whitewater sections of the James River. This project will increase the ADA compliant access of the river and provide paddlers with disabilities better access. Our donation will directly help fund the Universal Access at Huguenot Flatwater and help with the permitting process and allowing for construction to begin. For more information on the James River Outdoor Coalition, please click here.

    We are VB

    We Are VB is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting homeless high school students and those on the verge of being homeless with basic essentials – food, clothing, housing, transportation. They were founded with a mission of “building a Virginia Beach community where kindness matters” by cultivating a supportive community and working to diminish the social stigma of being homeless, to strengthen the self-esteem of students, and to promote continuing education. We Are VB is a grassroots movement and is 100% volunteer-based. Our donation will help fund the senior portrait package for a homeless student who would not otherwise be able to afford it, help another homeless student’s dream of being a princess at her prom, and help cover the costs of physicals for two students so that they can try out for their spring sports team. We Are VB believes that “if students are involved in school, they stay in school. And stand the best chance of breaking the cycle of homelessness for their families.” We Are VB was nominated by Alison McKee, a Commercial attorney in the firm’s Virginia Beach office and former We Are VB board member, and Nicole Naidyhorski, Director of Marketing and Recruiting at K&C. For more information on We Are VB, please click here.

    Downtown Hampton Child Development Center

    Downtown Hampton Child Development Center was nominated by Larry Cumming, the Managing Director of the firm’s Hampton office. DHCDC is a nonprofit child care center that serves children ages 6 weeks to 5 years from all backgrounds, incomes, and abilities. As the majority of their families are living at or below the federal poverty guidelines, DHCDC works with families to provide need-based tuition, with most families only paying a third of what it costs to educate their child. Because of this, DHCDC relies on the support of the community to help these children build the foundation blocks for success. Through their hard work and dedication, DHCDC is rated in the top 7% of preschools nationwide under the National Association for the Education of Young Children accreditation and is the highest rating preschool in Hampton, VA with Virginia Quality. Our donation will add to the general fundraising drive to “support programs that nurture young children by providing affordable, quality preschool programs that develop the ‘whole child’ and foster school readiness.” For more information on Downtown Hampton Child Development Center, please click here.

  • 2019 Recipients

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Blankets for the Homeless
    Blankets for the Homeless

    Blankets for the Homeless was nominated by Michelle Bolton, Conflicts and Records Manager in the firm’s Norfolk office. Blankets for the Homeless was founded in 2011 by Mariah Smith in an effort to address the growing and constantly changing needs of the almost 2,000 homeless people in the Hampton Roads area. Mariah started by collecting and providing blankets and lunches, but soon expanded to distributing coats, sleeping bags, summer and winter clothes, tents, toiletries, sunscreen, bug spray, and more. Mariah and her mother regularly drive around to help provide these necessities to the “forgotten families” who are not reached by other charities or who live in hotels. Blankets for the Homeless also helps to rehabilitate people by assisting with the fees and deposits associated with renting an apartment or purchasing a car, which subsequently puts them in a better position to hold a job and get back on their feet. Our donation will help Blankets for the Homeless’ annual Christmas event, where they visit homeless people living in hotels so that children can see Santa – played by Mariah’s father – and provide the toys and food that these families would not otherwise have for the holidays. For more information on Blankets for the Homeless, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Proclaiming Grace Outreach
    Proclaiming Grace Outreach

    Proclaiming Grace Outreach was nominated by Becky Lambert, a legal assistant in the firm’s Newport News office. Proclaiming Grace Outreach was founded by Melanie King in memory of her daughter Jenna Grace King, whom she lost in a car crash in 2008. Since then, PGO has operated with a mission of administering a holistic approach to the needs of our community by providing food, clothing, and other services to help the disadvantaged and those with economic hardships. Their food pantry feeds over 300 people per month and their Thrift Spot helps clothe over 100 people a week. Proclaiming Grace Outreach also helps repair houses, provide scholarships, and support the local animal shelter and humane society. In the long run, Proclaiming Grace Outreach has plans to build a larger outreach center so they can further expand their services and continue to serve the growing needs of the community. Our donation will help provide for those in need through their various outreach programs, the Jenna Grace King Scholarship, and the Jenna Bash Festival. For more information on Proclaiming Grace Outreach, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia
    Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia

    The Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia helps those suffering from epilepsy, the fourth most common neurological disorder, which can affect people of all ages. It is characterized by chronic, unpredictable seizures, which can lead to many additional health problems. Complications related to epilepsy can also greatly impact a person’s safety, relationships, ability to work, and more. The Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia’s mission is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives. They do this by promoting awareness about epilepsy and advocating for and providing assistance to Virginians living with epilepsy. The Epilepsy Foundation seeks to raise awareness through media campaigns, webpages and social media, newsletters, and individual outreach. They also provide camps for children, adult retreats, and other forms of support groups. Our donation will help drive the research for new therapies and to further education and programs for individuals and families living with epilepsy. For more information on the Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the River Ellis Foundation
    River Ellis Foundation

    The River Ellis Foundation was nominated by Laura Rixey, an Associate in the firm’s Data Privacy and Security, Health Care, and Mergers, Acquisitions & Strategic Alliances practice groups. The River Ellis Foundation was founded by Doug and Rachel Ellis after they tragically lost their daughter River to an unexpected birth injury. Faced with such hardship, the Ellis’ were overwhelmed by the amount of support they received from their friends, family, and community. In return, they wanted to form an organization that could “give a sunrise” to others who unexpectedly find themselves in the middle of their darkest hour. The River Ellis Foundation provides support and financial assistance for those who need help getting through the adversities they are facing, with the hope that those people will one day be able to pay it forward in return. They accept nominations on their website for people who could use support and cater that support on an individual level depending on the need of the nominee. Our donation will provide much needed financial assistance to help the foundation continue to grow. For more information on the River Ellis Foundation, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the Community Tax Law Project
    Community Tax Law Project

    The Community Tax Law Project was nominatedby Scott Seymour, a Member in the firm’s Business Tax and Mergers, Acquisitions, & Strategic Alliances practice groups. The Community Tax Law Project is Virginia’s only statewide provider of free tax controversy representation for low- and moderate-income taxpayers. They provide education in taxpayer rights and responsibilities. CTLP operates through the assistance of its Pro Bono Panel, composed of over 100 volunteer attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents. Virtually any taxpayer can encounter a problem with the IRS or the Virginia Department of Taxation, but not every taxpayer can afford the professional representation necessary to solve these problems and protect their rights. The CTLP volunteers step in by providing expert advice and knowledge of the tax system. As the CTLP does not charge eligible taxpayers for its services, it relies solely on grants and donations in order to provide its services. Our donation will help boost their efforts so they can reach more moderate- and low-income taxpayers and help strengthen the financial stability of working families by ensuring that all Virginians receive fair and equal treatment in tax disputes. For more information on the Community Tax Law Project, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Navy Safe Harbor Foundation
    Navy Safe Harbor Foundation

    The Navy Safe Harbor Foundation was nominated by Donna Gorman, a Legal Assistant in the firm’s Norfolk office. The Navy Safe Harbor Foundation aims to honor and empower sailors, Coast Guardsmen, and Merchant Marines who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound in service. The Navy Safe Harbor Foundation creates an alumni network for service members and helps to understand and cater to their needs on an individual basis. Every day, thousands of service members suffer from invisible wounds such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and brain trauma. While advanced medicine and treatment can save lives, the Navy Safe Harbor Foundation continues to serve those who were injured and enhance their quality of life by giving a voice to their needs and empowering warriors to begin their journey to recovery. They aid in the transition from military to civilian life and help provide a positive future throughout that journey. Our donation will help the Navy Safe Harbor Foundation provide financial and family support and will help fund their adaptive athletics program, which assists members in discovering their abilities despite any disabilities. For more information on the Navy Safe Harbor Foundation, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canles donates to the Military Child Education Coalition
    Military Child Education Coalition

    Military Child Education Coalition has a mission of ensuring inclusive, quality educational opportunities for all military-connected children affected by mobility, transition, deployments, and family separation. MCEC aims to help military-connected children become college, career, and life ready by working to recognize and support their academic, social, and emotional needs. Jill Gaitens, a Director at MCEC, plans to use our donation to fund the Student 2 Student programs, which helps provide support through peer-to-peer mentoring. The frequent moves the children experience causes increased disruptions in their systems of support and in the connections they have built with peers and educators. Due to the high number of military-connected families in this area, there is currently a waiting list of high schools requesting training and support for Student 2 Student programs. As Jill mentioned, “military-connected children do not enlist; however, they serve and make great sacrifices.” Our donation will help fund the training and implementation of a sustainable peer-to-peer leadership program in four high schools that will impact hundreds of students each year and will help mitigate some of their challenges. For more information on Military Child Education Coalition, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the Animal Aid Society in Virginia
    Animal Aid Society

    Animal Aid Society was nominated by Lydia Mugler, a Tax Paralegal in the firm’s Newport News office. Animal Aid Society is a nonprofit no-kill dog shelter working to provide shelter, medical aid, care, and protection for animals. They act as a placement agency for animals and provide education for the humane care and treatment of animals. Animal Aid Society receives no state or federal funding, so it works solely from donations to the shelter. Donations are used to help with the care and boarding of their animals. As this is a no-kill shelter, all dogs are kept at the shelter until placed, so they only have limited placement for new arrivals until their current dogs are adopted or permanently placed. Our donation to the Animal Aid Society will help keep the dogs safe and happy and provide food, toys, supplies, and medical care for the dogs in the shelter. For more information on Animal Aid Society, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to One Summit in Virginia Beach, VA
    One Summit

    One Summit was nominated by Caitlyn Anderson, a Client Service and Recruiting Assistant in the firm’s Norfolk office. One Summit brings the courage, strength, and resilience of the Navy SEALS to help support and encourage children fighting cancer. One Summit aims to build resilience through experimental learning with Navy SEALS, storytelling, and community engagement. It is their belief that the SEALS can help empower children through challenges and adventure. Children, or Little Warriors, form long-lasting relationships with their Navy SEAL mentors, who help to inspire hope to continue their fight against cancer. Our donation will help fund their Climb for Courage program, where patients are guided through a series of rock-climbing challenges and a curriculum based on teamwork, goal setting, and overcoming adversity. Climb for Courage helps patients to achieve growth through mentorship and conquering adversity. To learn more about One Summit, please click here.

    Duke Radiology CSF Leak Clinic

    Duke Radiology CSF Leak Clinic was nominated by Nicole Naidyhorski, Director of Marketing and Recruiting in the firm’s Norfolk office. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks are a medical condition in which a tear or hole forms in the outer membrane of the spinal cord, which contains the fluid. This tear results in leakage of spinal fluid, causing debilitating headaches. Duke Radiology CSF Leak Clinic is one of only three centers in the country that work continuously on diagnosing and treating CSF leaks. This clinic helped to diagnose and treat Nicole, who has suffered for over 18 months with this condition. As further education and research are key to raise awareness and enhance treatment options, Nicole hopes that our donation “can be put towards more research and more education for all in the health care team.” For more information on the Duke Radiology CSF Leak Clinic, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Eastern Shore Rural Health
    Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc.

    Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc. was nominated by Bob Barry, a Member in the firm’s Labor & Employment, Government & Municipal Law, and Manufacturing & Distribution practice groups. The Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc. is a community health center committed to enhancing the quality of life for the people on the Eastern Shore. The organization seeks to serve the needs of the rural community by providing accessible, comprehensive and affordable medical, dental and health services in a caring, professional and safe environment. The demand for health and dental services has grown at a rate that is very difficult to serve. There are not sufficient private practices on the Shore to meet this demand, and there is only one hospital. Eastern Shore Rural Health fills in this very substantial gap. They complete more than 100,000 patient encounters each year and serve more than 37,000 of the Shore's 45,000 residents. For more information about Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc., please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Mary's Garden
    Mary's Garden

    Mary's Garden was nominated by Ran Randolph, a Member in the firm’s Commercial, Lender Representation, and Mergers, Acquisitions & Strategic Alliances practice groups. Ran’s mother, Jean Marie Randolph, began Mary’s Garden 20 years ago when her friend Mary Babb Savage died of cancer while in Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital. Like Jean, Mary loved gardening, and Jean wanted to create a place at the hospital where patients and their families, as well as doctors, nurses and hospital staff could retreat from the hospital into a serene, peaceful and beautiful setting. With the help of volunteers in the community, she raised the funds to build Mary's Garden on the hospital’s grounds. It has served as a model for others like it and improves the experiences of many patients, families and hospital employees in what otherwise can be a difficult environment. The Garden depends on donations to remain well-maintained and beautiful year-round. Our donation will be used for its current maintenance and holiday decorations. For more information about Mary's Garden, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg, VA
    Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg

    Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg was nominated by Jane Beatty, a Trust and Estate Administrator in the firm’s Williamsburg office. Hospice House was founded in 1982 as a nonprofit charitable organization and is staffed by lay and professional volunteers who work to enhance the quality of life for their residents, support the people they love and empower others to do the same. Staff and volunteers work in close cooperation with local healthcare providers to assure patients and families receive needed services. Hospice House is designed to be a “home away from home” for those who are caring for a terminally ill loved one with residential services providing spacious accommodations for family, friends and guests to gather. Jane states, “I’ve heard from several clients what a difference Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg made during the final days/weeks of their loved one’s life”. Hospice House believes that support during a time of bereavement can bring about healing, renewal and hope for the future. With this in mind, staff at Hospice House continue helping families following the death of a loved one to offer comfort, support, referrals and services as needed. Support services are provided to individuals living in Williamsburg, James City County or upper York County. For more information on Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the Autism Society of Tidewater, Virginia
    The Autism Society, Tidewater Virginia

    The Autism Society, Tidewater Virginia was nominated by Lara Lucas, a Legal Assistant in the firm’s Williamsburg office. The Autism Society, Tidewater Virginia was founded in 1981 with the goal of helping to improve the lives of all those who are affected by autism. Originating in the Tidewater area, the Autism Society has grown to include the Peninsula area as well. The Autism Society works to increase public awareness, advocate for appropriate services for individuals across their lifespan and to provide the latest information on treatment, education, research and advocacy. The Autism Society has a mission to create a world where persons within the autism spectrum disorder are fully included and participating members of their community. Our donation will help the Autism Society’s efforts to continue raising community awareness, providing education and maintaining supportive, informative networks comprised of parents, professionals and community leaders. For more information on the Autism Society, Tidewater Virginia, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Gwyneth's Gift Foundation
    Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation

    Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation was nominated by Randy Sparks, an attorney in the firm’s Labor & Employment practice group. Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation was started after the Griffin family tragically lost their 12-year-old daughter. Gwyneth was in 7th grade when her minor heart condition caused her to go into cardiac arrest at school. She was not given CPR or an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) quickly enough and passed away seven weeks after the incident. The Griffin family wasted no time in helping pass legislation in Virginia mandating that AEDs be placed in every Virginia school and CPR training be provided for students and teachers. Four years ago they started the foundation to raise public awareness of the importance of AEDs and CPR training. Since then, Gwyneth’s Gift has donated 33 AEDs and CPR trained over 5,000 people in the community which has directly resulted in six lives saved. Randy proudly sits on the board for Gwyneth’s Gift and states, “ My wife has saved two lives herself – including a volunteer attending an HR conference with me.” For more information on Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation, please click here.

    Peninsula SPCA
    Peninsula SPCA

    Peninsula SPCA was nominated by Sarah Messersmith, an Associate in the firm’s Private Client Services and Real Estate Strategies practice groups. The Peninsula SPCA has been providing shelter and adoption services for more than 50 years. In its most recent years, the Peninsula SPCA has transitioned to an adoption guarantee or “no-kill" shelter. This transition has resulted in a $1,000,000 loss in funding from local governments and the SPCA now solely relies on grants and donations from individuals. Even with budget cuts, the SPCA still feels it is important to educate the public on humane treatment of animals and preventative veterinarian care. Sarah has served on the Peninsula SPCA board since 2013 and is currently the Board's Vice President. Sarah states, “The SPCA works very hard on a limited budget to find good homes for homeless pets here on the Peninsula.” For more information on the Peninsula SPCA, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Communities in Schools of Hampton Roads
    Communities in Schools of Hampton Roads

    Communities in Schools of Hampton Roads was nominated by Chuck McPhillips, a Member in the firm’s Government Contracts & Construction, International and Mergers, Acquisitions & Strategic Alliances practice groups. Communities in Schools of Hampton Roads serves Portsmouth, Norfolk, Suffolk, Virginia Beach and Hampton City public elementary, middle and high school students. Some of the students in these areas are living below the poverty line and without basic needs like health care and nutrition. Communities in Schools of Hampton Roads helps address these basic needs as well as provide academic assistance, college and career preparation, family engagement, life skills and behavioral interventions. The Communities in Schools of Hampton Roads will use the donation to buy paint for student and community volunteers to paint inspirational and motivational quotes on the walls of Ruffner Academy. For more information on the Communities in Schools of Hampton Roads, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the National Alliance on Mental Illness
    National Alliance on Mental Illness – Coastal Virginia Chapter

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – Coastal Virginia Chapter was nominated by Terry Murphy, a Member in the firm’s Government Contracts and Construction practice group. NAMI has touched lives across all 50 states. Locally they serve Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach and the Eastern Shore. NAMI connects people suffering from mental illness and their families with free online education and training classes, support groups, local programs, events and a helpline, with the goal of improving the quality of life for recovering individuals. NAMI is working on local, state and national levels to eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness. For more information about The National Alliance on Mental Illness – Coastal Virginia Chapter, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Tidewater Friends of Foster Care
    Tidewater Friends of Foster Care

    Tidewater Friends of Foster Care was nominated by Nicole Harrell, a Member in the firm’s Data Privacy and Security, Franchising, Intellectual Property and Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances practice groups. Tidewater Friends of Foster Care (TFFC) is committed to enriching the lives of foster children in the community. TFFC provides enrichment programs that bridge the gap between what is available from public services and those elements that are essential to a healthy, happy and thriving childhood. The services that TFFC provide help foster children attain confidence and stability and include resources for foster parents. TFFC has provided over 6,500 hours of tutoring services, over 1,500 Birthday/Holiday wishes and 513 YMCA memberships. Audra Bullock, Director and President, stated TFFC plans to use the donation to further their goal of serving 70% of school-aged Foster Youth in Hampton Roads within the next three years. For more information about The Tidewater Friends of Foster Care, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the foundation Fighting Blindness in Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach
    Foundation Fighting Blindness, Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach Chapter

    Foundation Fighting Blindness, Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach Chapter was nominated by Gaither Thompson, the firm’s Recruiting & Marketing Coordinator. Gaither was diagnosed with a degenerative retinal disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa, when she was 10 years old. She has lived the majority of her life with limited peripheral vision and very low vision in the dark. The Foundation Fighting Blindness is the leading organization driving research that provides preventions, treatments, and cures for people like Gaither affected by these blinding diseases. The Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach Chapter was started three years ago and hosts events like “Crush the Dark” at Chick’s Oyster Bar and the annual VisionWalk to bring awareness and support to the local community. Gaither states, “This disease can make life difficult sometimes, but it has taught me to live life every day to the fullest and not take for granted the gift of vision. I am so thankful for the FFB and all of the work they are doing that gives so much hope to me and people living with retinal diseases.” For more information on the Foundation Fighting Blindness, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Horizons Hampton Roads
    Horizons Hampton Roads

    Horizons Hampton Roads was nominated by Kristan Burch, a Member in the firm’s Government Contracts & Construction, Franchising and Intellectual Property practice groups. Horizons Hampton Roads is an academic, cultural, and recreational program designed to encourage a diverse group of students from low-income families in Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach to reach their full potential. Students from kindergarten through eighth grade participate in fun activities and academics during their summer break when research shows most children significantly decline and fall behind in their schooling. At Horizons Hampton Roads, students are given the chance to get ahead in their reading and math skills to help them maintain and excel during the following school year. Kristan states, “I had the chance to go and observe the program again this summer. It was great to sit at a table with young students, eat pizza, and hear how they spent their week.” Our donation will help fund field trip experiences for next summer's programs. For more information on Horizons Hampton Roads, please click here here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the Sara Michelle Peterson Foundation
    Sarah Michelle Peterson Foundation

    Sarah Michelle Peterson Foundation was nominated by Ed Spivey, a Member in the firm’s Litigation Practice Group. The Sarah Michelle Peterson Foundation was founded in 2014 when the Peterson family tragically lost their 15-year-old daughter, Sarah, to suicide. SMP Foundation was started in honor of Sarah and has been a life-saving resource for people dealing with depression and mental health issues in the Hampton Roads area. Through programs for middle school-, high school-, and college-aged students, as well as general community programming, there isn’t one area of Hampton Roads the foundation isn’t reaching. In 2018 alone they provided 140 separate programs in the Hampton Roads area. Our donation will help support programming for September’s Suicide Prevention Month. For more information on the Sarah Michelle Peterson Foundation, please click here.

    Kaufman and Canoles donates to Habitat for Humanity in the the Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg area
    Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg

    Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg is a non-profit home building organization that helps families in need build and purchase safe, decent and affordable housing. The homes are built by volunteer groups and the families purchasing the homes. Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg serves families in the cities of Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, Williamsburg and the counties of Charles City, James City, New Kent, and York. They are on track to complete 13 homes this year alone. Our donation will go directly towards the building and materials for one of these homes. For more information about the Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Wildlife Response, Inc.
    Wildlife Response, Inc.

    Wildlife Response, Inc. was nominated by Laura Mae, the firm’s Facilities Manager. Wildlife Response, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization committed to caring for orphaned, injured, and displaced native wildlife. The rehabilitators are permitted by the state of Virginia and are based in the Virginia Beach area, but reach all of southeastern Virginia with their programs. Laura first volunteered with the organization over 15 years ago by helping frostbitten pelicans. She later helped staff their Wildlife Hotline which pairs citizens who found injured wildlife to nearby rehabilitators. Laura has also served on the Wildlife Response Inc. board. Our donation will be going directly to help fund the construction of their Wildlife Response and Rehabilitation Center, where citizens, animal control officers and other agencies will be able to drop off injured wildlife. For more information about Wildlife Response, Inc., please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the Samaitan House
    Samaritan House

    Samaritan House was anonymously nominated. Since 1984, the Samaritan House has provided emergency and permanent housing, support services, and community outreach to victims of domestic violence and homelessness. The Samaritan House owns 12 safe houses for families fleeing violence and those who are at risk of losing their homes. They serve almost 110 people every night in the emergency houses and provide trauma-informed services to those in need. A few of the specific programs that the Samaritan House provides include: Victim Advocacy; Children’s Programs, including art and play therapy, family counseling, and academic support; Emergency Housing; Housing NOW; Case Management, which assists with transportation, nutrition, counseling, medical care, dental care, workforce development and employment; and Community Education and Outreach. Our donation will directly support victims of violence in getting their GED. For more information about the Samaritan House, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the Hope House Foundation
    Hope House Foundation

    Hope House Foundation was nominated by two of our K&C attorneys, Rick Mapp, a Member in the firm’s Business Tax, ESOPs & Employment Benefits, and Mergers, Acquisitions, & Strategic Alliances groups and Christopher McLean, a Member in the firm’s ESOPs & Employment Benefits and Private Clients Services groups. Both Rick and Christopher have sat on the Board of Directors for Hope House Foundation and have been an integral part of the foundation for many years. Hope House Foundation serves adults living with developmental disabilities by providing them support services to enable them independence in their day-to-day lives while staying in their own homes. Some of the services Hope House provides to these individuals includes personal care and dressing; grocery shopping; social skills and recreation; budgeting and spending; and health and safety. Hope House has been improving lives in the Hampton Roads area for the past four decades. For more information on Hope House Foundation, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to hero's bridge
    Hero’s Bridge

    Hero’s Bridge was anonymously nominated. Hero’s Bridge is dedicated to serving veterans, ages 65 and older at no expense to the heroes or their families. Aging veterans are at a higher risk of experiencing diseases and disorders due to their time spent serving in the military. Hero’s Bridge recognized the need for specialized assistance for veterans who served in World War II, Korea, and especially Vietnam. There are over 630,045 veterans in the state of Virginia alone. As many veteran programs are geared towards assisting younger veterans, Hero’s Bridge has had no shortage of opportunity to help those of the older generation. Hero’s Bridge offers six distinct programs to assist with the most frequent needs in this veteran population. These include the Battle Buddy Program, Honor Guard, Resource Scouts, Paw Patrol, Corps of Engineers, and Rapid Relief Corp. One of the most important programs remains the Battle Buddy Program, which pairs older heroes with younger veterans. These younger veterans provide friendship, become an advocate, and a navigator. “We strive to improve outcomes in both elderly and younger veterans, simply connecting younger veterans with older ones. This intergenerational approach yields an improved and more supportive existence for the volunteers and heroes – we serve the veterans by creating a ‘bridge’ to improve quality of life.” For more information on Hero’s Bridge, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the Tryall Fund
    Tryall Fund

    The Tryall Fund was nominated by Nia Lissimore, the firm’s Marketing Manager. The Tryall Fund is a non-profit organization committed to supporting and implementing a model program for preschoolers and their caregivers focusing on education, literacy, health, and nutrition in Hanover Parish, Jamaica. The Tryall Fund was formed in the early 1960s by members of the Tryall Club who saw a deep need to give back to the community in which their luxury club resides. Dr. Olivia Masry, DDS, has been traveling to Jamaica as the Dental Team Director for over seven years and has helped facilitate treatment for over 525 children and 250 adults in 2018 alone. Nia nominated the Tryall Fund because, like many of these children in Jamaica, her life was impacted by Dr. Masry, who provided Nia with dental care, a part-time job in her dental practice, and helped her apply for financial aid for college. Nia states, “Without people like her, I wouldn’t be where I am today and neither would my smile.” Our donation will go directly to the dental program in Hanover, Jamaica. For more information on the Tryall Fund, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to MEDARVA Foundation
    MEDARVA Foundation

    The MEDARVA Foundation was nominated by Neil Talegaonkar, an Of Counsel in the firm’s Labor & Employment Practice Group. The MEDARVA Foundation connects people who have permanent vision loss with new and growing technology to expand what lines of vision they have left so they can still navigate their world. MEDARVA Healthcare has been committed to the greater Richmond area by providing charity care and services to multiple local organizations. Neil sits on the Board of Directors for the MEDARVA Foundation. Our donation will help both children and older people who might not have access to the available health opportunities some take for granted. For more information on the the MEDARVA Foundation, click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the MaxStrong Memorial Fund
    MaxStrong Memorial Fund

    MaxStrong Memorial Fund was nominated by Mary Beth Sherwin, a Member in the Healthcare and Private Client Services Practice Groups. The MaxStrong Memorial Fund was established in 2013 by Walt and Pam Salzman to honor their son Max’s life after he died tragically in a car accident. “As a living memorial to Max we were compelled to establish something in his name that would represent Max’s kind heart and willingness to help others.” Through donations, grants, annual golf tournaments, and partnership with the YMCA of South Hampton Roads, the MaxStrong Memorial Fund ensures that traditional swim lessons are provided to the children in Norfolk who would otherwise not have the opportunity to receive this life-saving skill. “Together we are making a difference. Max’s legacy continues to grow with each lesson taught, and each life saved. Saving lives by teaching lessons.” Our donation will contribute directly to 12 children learning these life-saving swimming water safety skills. For more information on the MaxStrong Memorial Fund, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to St. Mary's Home
    St. Mary’s Home

    St. Mary’s Home was nominated by Gayle Gregg, the firm’s Technical Services Librarian. St. Mary’s Home was established in Norfolk in 1944 for abandoned and orphaned children. It is now home to 88 children, newborn to age 21, living with severe intellectual and physical disabilities resulting from birth disorders, traumatic accidents, illness, or child abuse, who require around-the-clock attention. Additionally, with the opening of The Albero House in 2013, St. Mary’s also cares for 12 adults older than age 21. One of its kind in the entire state of Virginia, St. Mary’s Home offers medical, therapeutic, education, and recreational service. The home features four courtyards, including sensory and butterfly gardens, an atrium for sports and activities, hydrotherapy pool, and playground with specially adapted equipment. The residents of St. Mary’s home play with youth volunteers, therapy dogs, shop with staff, have their own prom, and go on field trips, providing the best quality of life. Our donation will help provide activities for the residents and occupational equipment. For more information on St. Mary’s Home, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Young Audiences Arts for Learning Virginia
    Young Audiences Arts for Learning Virginia

    Young Audiences Arts for Learning Virginia was nominated by Win Short, a Member in the firm’s Environmental Law, Private Client Services, and Real Estate Claims and Title Insurance Solutions Practice Groups. Young Audiences Arts for Learning Virginia (YAV) is the leading provider of quality art-based educational programming in Virginia. According to YAV, “Children need arts for learning. It sparks their imaginations and feeds their minds. It improves their academic performance and encourages them to stay in school. It connects them to their families, their cultures, and their communities.” Signature initiatives for YAV include Arts for Learning, Dance for Life, and the Early Childhood Kindergarten Readiness Program. In the 2017-2018 fiscal year, YAV provided 1,286 service hours to 71,675 student families and educators across the state of Virginia. For more information about Young Audiences Arts for Learning Virginia, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the Safe House Project
    Safe House Project

    The Safe House Project was nominated by Mary Beth Sherwin, a Member in the Healthcare and Private Client Services Practice Groups. The Safe House Project (SHP) is a national organization supporting survivors of sex trafficking in America through safe house networks and by ensuring restorative healing and empowerment. Elizabeth was 16 when she left her abusive home to be with a man who ended up abusing her and selling her for money. Through the Safe House Project, Elizabeth found her voice and the courage to testify against her abuser. “You took love and you twisted it. But I am here to make sure you never get to do that to another person,” she said as she took the stand. The SHP provided Elizabeth with education, community, hope, and a home where she found freedom from the bonds of abusers that had once controlled her life. Our donation will be benefiting The Safe House Project – Hampton Roads Chapter and will be helping empower women in our area with stories very similar to Elizabeth. For more information on the Safe House Project, click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Best Buddies International
    Best Buddies International

    Best Buddies International was nominated by Christopher Sattes, Security & Endpoint Computing Administrator for the Firm. Best Buddies International is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical, and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Best Buddies Global Ambassador, Jack Mayor, states, “They gave me the confidence to speak in public. They also give other people with intellectual disabilities the chance to advocate for themselves. This organization makes me want to change things for all kids like me. Best Buddies took my worst days and made them my best. Everyone deserves their best days and every kid deserves Best Buddies.” Christopher’s cousin Matt has participated in the Best Buddies International program for most of his life and has created friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. Our donation will be supporting Hampton Roads newest chapter at Landstown High School. For more information on Best Buddies International, click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Art on Wheels
    Art on Wheels

    Art on Wheels was nominated by Terry Frank, a Member in the firm’s Bankruptcy Creditors’ Rights & Business Restructuring and Consumer Finance Practice Groups. Art on Wheels was founded by husband and wife duo, Kevin & Andrea Orlasky with a simple idea, “that making art - creating something from nothing, something that is uniquely yours, is powerful, and healing, and not enough people get the chance to do that. That the experience of expressing yourself, of learning new things and being empowered by abilities you might have never even known you had is important. That the many therapeutic benefits of the arts aren’t often available to the people who need them the most.” Art on Wheels has four focus areas: Aging in the Arts, Arts and Disability, Healing in the Arts and Arts in the Community. Through these focus areas, Art on Wheels is traveling to the people of the local Richmond community enriching lives one program at a time. For more information on Art on Wheels, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Honor and Remember
    Honor and Remember

    Honor and Remember was nominated by Nicole Harrell, a Member in the firm’s Data Privacy and Security, Franchising, Intellectual Property, and Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances Practice Groups. Honor and Remember was founded by George Lutz when his son, Tony, was tragically killed in December of 2005 while serving in the Army in Fallujah, Iraq. In the months following his son’s death, George found commonality among the families of fallen soldiers: after their grief had transitioned to acceptance, many families wanted to know their loved one’s sacrifice was not in vain and that the nation would never forget. This led George to discover that there was no universally recognized symbol that specifically acknowledges the American servicemen and women who never made it home. Thus the Honor and Remember flag was created and has been adopted by 25 states. In addition to the custom flags, the Honor and Remember organization provides different opportunities to families such as Run for the Fallen and Gold Star Family Evenings. In honor of Memorial Day, we couldn’t think of a better way to memorialize those have who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Our donation will be helping to purchase flags for families in Virginia who are currently on the waitlist for one. For more information about Honor and Remember, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Chesapeake Bay Foundation
    Chesapeake Bay Foundation

    The Chesapeake Bay Foundation was nominated by Laura Baker, a paralegal in the firm’s Hampton office. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) was founded in 1967 and led by the late Arthur Sherwood. The CBF was early to coin “SAVE THE BAY,” a term that can be found on many bumper stickers around the Hampton Roads area. Serving as a private sector organization, the CBF fights for pollution reduction throughout the Chesapeake Bay's six-state, 64,000-square-mile watershed, which is home to more than 18 million people and 3,000 species of plants and animals. “Our community here in Hampton Roads is intricately linked to the Chesapeake Bay: a source of leisure, activities, industry and tourism,” stated Laura in her nomination. CBF is also known for “Save the Bay Day” which takes place this year on Saturday, June 1st. With annual participation over 6,000 strong, this day has proven to really change and restore the Bay. Our donation will be used for multiple upcoming projects including the first ever Oyster Restoration Mobile Unit and a new classroom in the Brock Environmental Center for students in Virginia Beach schools to learn about different topics like environmental sustainability. For more information on The Chesapeake Foundation or to sign-up to participate in Save the Bay Day, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast
    Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

    The Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast was nominated by Ellis Pretlow, an Associate in the firm’s Private Client Services and Tax Practice Groups. The Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast (GSCCC) serves girls from eastern North Carolina to Hampton Roads and on the Peninsula. The Girl Scout mission is to “build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.” We see an example of this mission living out through our colleague Ellis. She states that “GSCCC is especially important to me as my grandmother was the first president of the Girl Scout Council of Greater Tidewater which has since become the GSCCC.” Ellis now sits on the Board of Directors and is head of the Bylaws Committee. Our donation will be helping “community troops” whose members do not pay dues, but are able to be a part of a troop, thus truly representing the Girl Scout mission to serve all girls. For more information on The Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Carolina Boxer Rescue
    Carolina Boxer Rescue

    The Carolina Boxer Rescue (CBR) was nominated by Tamra Bailey, a legal assistant in the firm’s Norfolk Office. The Carolina Boxer Rescue’s mission is “to balance the health, safety, and welfare needs of boxers in the Carolinas (and parts of Virginia) by providing a loving and safe environment for stray, abused, impounded, and owner surrendered dogs by placing them in foster homes and ultimately - forever homes.” Tamra holds the CBR close to her heart and home as she volunteers by opening her home to newly rescued boxers and providing them with love, training, and medical treatment. Currently Tamra has three boxers from the CBR in her home that she helped rescue. Pictured left is one of CBR’s finest, Mabel, a 4 year old boxer. When Mabel came in to the rescue’s care seven months ago, she was in rough shape due to the previous owner’s neglect. CBR representative Stacey stated that our donation will be helping dogs just like Mabel who come to the shelter with extreme medical issues that have not been properly cared for. For more information on The Carolina Boxer Rescue, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Hampton Roads Senior Veterans Athletic Association
    Hampton Roads Senior Veterans Athletic Association

    The Hampton Roads Senior Veterans Athletic Association was nominated by Teresa Beatty, the firm’s Training and Development Manager. The Hampton Roads Senior Veterans Athletic Association (HRSVAA) was started to support veteran athletes who are patients of the Hampton Veterans Affairs Medical Center and who annually participate in the National Veterans Golden Age Games. The HRSVAA’s mission is to promote wellness and disease prevention among fellow patients. They work to improve both physical and mental health by encouraging veteran patients to get involved in sports and developing training and coaching support to assist them in preparing for state and national sporting events. Teresa’s father is heavily involved in the organization and says that “In some cases, veteran patients have attributed life-changing experiences to participating in sporting events with other veteran athletes.”

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to the Chas Foundation
    The Chas Foundation

    The Chas Foundation was nominated by Jessi Gonzalez, a legal assistant in the firm’s Norfolk Office. The Chas Foundation was established in 2012 in memory of Tucker Corprew’s son, Charles Kirkwood (Chas), who suffered from bipolar disorder and ultimately lost his life to suicide. The organization began as a grassroots movement to significantly change the perception of people suffering from mental illness and enhance the quality of life for those individuals. Jessi has a personal connection to the foundation as she grew up dealing with someone who had a mental illness. She stated “I wish I had a charity like The Chas Foundation to get resources, assistance, and information.” Our donation is directly contributing to the launch of Chas Foundation’s newest program called “Mindfulness,” where people suffering from mental illness will attend free classes on mindfulness and will also provide a place of refuge for individuals and families that may need a quiet reflective place to meet with Chas representatives. For more information on The Chas Foundation, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Spike's K9 Fund
    Spike’s K9 Fund

    Spike’s K9 Fund was nominated by Robin McNutt, Facilities & Human Resource Assistant in the firm’s Norfolk office. Robin had the opportunity to work directly with the K9s from this organization in 2011 during her deployment and work on Operation Odyssey Dawn. She states “The K9s were our first line of defense and they did not have the proper equipment to protect them if anything were to happen. After spending a few months with the dogs, I grew attached to them and saw them more as family than military working dogs.” Spike’s K9 fund was started by retired Special Warfare Operator James Hatch. While serving overseas James’ own life was spared by his K9, Spike, who paid the ultimate sacrifice. James states, “Dogs saved me in the many ways a person can be saved. Powerful as they are, they can’t advocate for themselves when they need help. That’s why it’s my mission to take care of them. And I can’t do it without you.” Our donation will go directly to the K9 Krijger Ballistic Vest Campaign which will equip working dogs with the proper safety equipment when they are on the front lines. For more information, please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to American Red Cross of Coastal Virginia
    American Red Cross

    The American Red Cross was nominated by two of our K&C colleagues: Anna Gallo, Receptionist for the firm’s Richmond office, and Gail Sampson, Litigation Paralegal in the firm’s Norfolk office. Both Anna and Gail have incredible life stories that led them to nominate the Red Cross. In 1999, Hurricane Floyd destroyed Anna Gallo’s family home. The day after the hurricane struck, the Red Cross was handing out cleaning supplies to people in the community picking up the wreckage. While she and her family, and their pets, were waiting for the repairs to be made to their home, the Red Cross paid for their hotel stay for two weeks and provided meal vouchers for three meals a day. In the summer of 2012, Gail Sampson suffered a catastrophic medical emergency and almost lost her life. She was saved by a blood transfusion made possible from the blood collected by the American Red Cross through their blood drive program. The American Red Cross’s mission is to “prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergency by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.” We see that mission statement clearly lived out in the two life experiences of Anna and Gail. For more information on the American Red Cross please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Smile, Inc.
    SMILE, Inc.

    SMILE, Inc. was nominated by Brandon Allred, an attorney in the firm’s Real Estate Strategies and Business Tax practice groups. SMILE’s mission is to “enhance the lives of children impacted by a life-threatening condition through education, encouragement, and empowerment.” SMILE provides children impacted by life-threatening conditions with assistive and adaptive equipment, which is not covered by insurance and can be very costly, to enhance their quality of life. SMILE was created in honor of Virginia Beach native Samantha Trost. Samantha was a bright, happy, and energetic young adult who was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, at just 16 years old. She went on to graduate from First Colonial High School with honors and attended East Carolina University for two years before she lost her battle with cancer in 2009 after it metastasized to her lungs. Samantha’s legacy lives on through this organization because “she had a way of making you love her and those around her by just smiling.” For more information on SMILE please click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Together We Can Foundation
    Together We Can Foundation

    Together We Can Foundation was nominated by Rob Goodman, a Member in the Private Client Services and Commercial Practice Groups. The Together We Can Foundation (TWC) is a program for at-risk youth transitioning into adult life and the workforce from foster care and poverty-stricken environments. Through educational skills programming including courses in career identification, personal presentation skills, and money management, the people at Together We Can have been altering the future of Hampton Roads’ at-risk youth. As of June 2018 this programing has impacted 3,784 youth across the Hampton Roads area. Tom Crockett is the Executive Director for TWC and stated that our funding is coming at the perfect time as they just started a new initiative called RFW or Ready for Work in which adolescents will learn the necessary skills and training to exceed in a working environment. For more information on the Together We Can Foundation, click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to USO of Hampton Roads & Central Virginia
    USO of Hampton Roads & Central Virginia

    The USO of Hampton Roads & Central Virginia (USOHRCV) was nominated by Paul Hawkins, an Associate in the firm’s Government Contracts & Construction practice group. The USOHRCV serves United States military service members and their families in a region with the 3rd largest concentration of military personnel in the country. Their mission is to strengthen military service members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country through their service to their nation. USOHRCV is a 100% locally and privately funded non-profit organization that receives no government funding. Paul, a member of the US Navy Reserves and a member of the USOHRCV Board of Directors, submitted a heartfelt nomination about the remarkable personal sacrifices our service men and women and their families make for our freedom, so it seems only fitting to support the 1% of Americans that are willing to defend our freedom. The USOHRCV supports 12 sites in Hampton Roads and Central Virginia with a broad variety of programs and events including wounded, ill and injured health and wellness, Families of the Fallen, deployment and homecoming support, Canine Comfort Crew, Pathfinder transition services, the Outdoor Adventure Team and so much more. For more information, click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to NATASHA House, Inc.
    NATASHA House, Inc.

    NATASHA House (“New Alternative Toward A Secure Home Atmosphere”) was nominated by David DiFiore, paralegal in the firm’s Newport News office. NATASHA House is a transitional home located in York County for homeless women and their children that empowers and equips them to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. Beyond providing a safe place to sleep, NATASHA House provides unconditional love and support while nurturing the emotional needs of mothers and children with counseling, mentoring and group interaction. The residence can accommodate up to 7 families for up to two years, as they work toward maintaining permanent housing through financial budgeting, rebuilding of credit and responsible life choices. Following their residency, the women and children may continue to utilize the outreach programs. David’s nomination spoke of the program’s successful and proven ways to overcome homelessness and keep families together. Since opening their doors in September 2010, NATASHA House has housed 98 families, including 157 children and 85 of these families remain in permanent housing, an 87% success rate. When asked about how the donation would be used, Karen Brown, Executive Director, stated, “The funds will be used to build a second greenhouse to support NATASHA House’s Seed 2 Table Career Readiness Program. The second greenhouse will allow the women to expand their tomato garden and salsa sales.” For more information, click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Critters 4 U Rescue, Inc.
    Critters 4 U Rescue, Inc.

    Critters 4 U Rescue was nominated by Andrea King, Marketing Coordinator in the firm’s Norfolk office. Critters 4 U Rescue is a no-kill shelter that rescues and rehabilitates homeless, unwanted, abused, neglected, and special needs animals from the Mid-Atlantic that would probably not have a chance in a regular shelter. Andrea is a foster dog mom and volunteer with Critters 4 U Rescue. Andrea’s nomination spoke of the rescue’s continual efforts to foster the unwanted special needs animals and the costs associated with the rescues – from veterinary costs, to food and medicines. Since opening in 2009, Critters 4 U Rescue has assisted and placed over 400 animals in permanent homes. For more information, click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Lee's Friends
    Lee’s Friends

    Lee’s Friends was nominated by Kirkland Kelley, a Member in the Private Client Services practice group. Lee’s Friends is a support program for cancer patients and their families serving Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach. Lee’s Friends helps provide basic needs for cancer patients and their families, including food and clothing, medical supplies, information, and even shelter.The organization’s many volunteers provide transportation to and from doctor appointments, hospitals, and oncology labs, all at no cost. What separates Lee’s Friends from other health-care support organizations, is their one-on-one emotional support from a trained volunteer from start to finish. Besides the practical day-to-day issues cancer patients face, the ordeal can be traumatic and isolating. Executive Director, Carol Olsen states, “Sometimes you can tell a complete stranger things that you won’t tell your family and friends, because a stranger won’t fall apart like they would. Sometimes you just need to talk about it. Someone to listen is a valuable thing. To make a difference in someone’s life is huge.” For more information, click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to CHIP of South Hampton Roads
    CHIP of South Hampton Roads

    Children's Health Investment Program Of South Hampton Roads (CHIP) was nominated by Lauren Kadish, an Associate in the firm’s Health Care and Litigation practice groups. CHIP provides services in Hampton Roads for children through age six and expectant mothers in the focus areas of health improvement, school readiness and self-sufficiency. The program focuses on early childhood development for children living at, or near, the poverty level, particularly the first 2000 days. As a board member of CHIP, Lauren was drawn to the organization because of its unique model, working directly through home visitations with families to assess children for health and developmental issues. Families that are enrolled in the program benefit from in-home teams of registered nurses and certified parent educators that provide parents with easy to understand training, reference materials, and access to community resources empowering them to become experts on their child’s development. For more information, click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Jewish Family Services of Tidewater, Inc.
    Jewish Family Services of Tidewater, Inc.

    Jewish Family Services of Tidewater, Inc. (JFS) was nominated by Mary Beth Sherwin, a Member in the Health Care and Private Client Services practice groups. The JFS is an organization that accomplishes important work for people who are sometimes overlooked or marginalized, transforming our community and the lives of the people they support, providing a full spectrum of services to meet the health, education and welfare needs of Jewish families and the general community in Hampton Roads. Every day the dedicated staff at JFS provides help to someone without the ability to help themselves—from standing by someone’s side ensuring a hospital admission or filing an endangered persons report for someone missing in freezing temperatures. Established in 1946, JFS has a long-standing tradition of caring and concern for the community it serves. For more information, click here.

    thyca logo
    THYCA: Thyroid Cancer

    Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc. (THyCA) was nominated by Nicole DeNobrega, Collection Manager, in the firm’s Norfolk office. As a survivor of thyroid cancer, Nicole’s nomination of THyCA was a way to give back to an organization that provides essential tools to thyroid cancer survivors, caregivers, and health care professionals. THyCA also supports research in support of a future free of thyroid cancer. Nicole hopes that, in part, her nomination will remind people to have thyroid screenings, as early diagnosis and treatment are so very important. THyCA was created in October 1995, as a network of services that link thyroid cancer survivors and health care professionals around the world. For more information, click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to Peninsula Community Foundation
    The Peninsula Community Foundation

    The Peninsula Community Foundation (PCF) was nominated by Larry Cumming, a Member in the Commercial, Private Client Services, and Real Estate Strategies practice groups and Managing Director of the firm’s Hampton office. The PCF’s goal is to help citizens, government, and businesses imagine a better, stronger, more prosperous way of life on the Peninsula. Through their substantial support of strategic initiatives such as the conceptual design of Fort Monroe, helping launch the Early Childhood Initiative or by awarding scholarships, PCF is making a real difference in the community. When told of the successful nomination, Michael Monteith, CEO of PCF exclaimed “Wow . . . we are honored to receive your acknowledgement of our work!” We are honored to be able to provide it. For more information, click here.

    Kaufman & Canoles donates to HER Shelter
    H.E.R. Shelter, Inc.

    The Help and Emergency Response, Inc. (H.E.R. Shelter, Inc.) was nominated by Carolyn Black, a legal assistant in the firm’s Norfolk office. Carolyn’s nomination was filled with compassion for the non-profit’s mission of providing safe and welcoming spaces for women and children fleeing situations of domestic or sexual violence, homelessness, or human trafficking. With locations in Portsmouth and Chesapeake, the work of H.E.R. creates a safe and prosperous future for all through awareness, services, and training for lasting change in the communities they serve. Olivia Smithberger, Crisis Service Director stated, “Unrestricted funds such as these are life changing for our organization. The funds can be used for a rental deposit, furnishings for a rental or clothing for the women and children.” For more information, click here.