C-TPAT Membership Benefits

November 05, 2010, 07:29 PM

C-TPAT membership status will open the door to several benefits. For instance, C-TPAT members are less likely to incur a security or compliance examination compared to a non-member. For the C-TPAT members cargo that is selected for examination, the member is given front of the line privileges, allowing the container to move ahead of all non-member containers awaiting inspection. These and other C-TPAT benefits result in the ability to better predict the time and cost of shipping cargo, a decrease in supply chain disruptions, a decrease in wait times for carriers at the border, and the ultimate result of an increase in customers and revenues. An additional fringe benefit is the marketability that C-TPAT membership may bring to your business. C-TPAT membership can positively impact a businesss reputation and help secure business with other business that may require C-TPAT compliance and/or membership. For more information on C-TPAT benefits, please visit –R. Ellen Coley