Is Your Small Business Ready to Export?

December 15, 2010, 07:20 PM

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is working together with the Department of Commerce to assist small businesses in deciding whether they are ready to successfully begin exporting. Specifically related to exporting, the SBA offers training and counseling, information on market research and financing options, and resources to create a business export plan and find foreign buyers. The SBAs self-assessment tool will enable companies to evaluate whether they would benefit from entering the global marketplace. With approximately 96% of consumers living outside the U.S., all small businesses should consider taking advantage of SBAs resources in this respect.

This tool is just one way the current administration plans to implement the National Export Initiative, which is reflected in an Executive Order released on March 11, 2010. As President Obama states in the Order, the Initiative was designed to help meet the Administrations goal of doubling exports over the next 5 years by working to remove trade barriers abroad, by helping firms
especially small businesses — overcome the hurdles to entering new export markets, by assisting with financing, and in general by pursuing a Government-wide approach to export advocacy abroad, among other steps. For more information on how the Small Business Administration is working towards fulfilling this goal, please visit –R. Ellen Coley