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Buying and Selling Abroad: A Complimentary Webinar for Those Seeking to Profit from Worldwide Opportunities

May 22, 2014

Most U.S. companies have a good handle on how to document a purchase or sale under U.S. domestic law. But most do not know the rules when buying or selling abroad.

Presenter and Chair of the International Law Practice Group, Chuck McPhillips, invites you to attend an informative and eye-opening complimentary webinar on the key and sometimes surprising differences in the legal rules governing the purchase or sale of products internationally. The presentation will also cover the sales-law treaty to which the United States and 80 other countries are signatories, including its special rules on:

  • Contract Formation
  • The Battle of the Forms
  • Circumstantial evidence of the parties’ intent
  • Revocation of offers
  • Performance standards, ‘fundamental breach’ and ‘avoidance of the contract’
  • Consequential damages, specific performance, reduction in price and other treaty remedies

Chuck will also evaluate your options for enforcing your international contract. His advice may surprise you but pay attention because it is grounded in reality and international law.

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