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Getting Maximum Value from Your Required 401(k) Plan Document Restatement – June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

All 401(k) and other qualified retirement plans must be completely amended and restated every 5-6 years. If your plan operates under a pre-approved prototype or volume submitter document your next restatement deadline is April 30, 2016 (the “PPA Restatement”).

Rather than view this as a mere paperwork project you should treat the restatement as an opportunity to review and reconsider all aspects of your plan design, not just those that are changing by law. You’re paying for a completely new set of plan documents, why not seize the opportunity to make other appropriate and beneficial changes?

Our complimentary webinar will highlight and explain not only the required changes but also the major areas that you will want to review as part of this process, including:

  1. The new trustee duty to collect delinquent contributions;
  2. New limits on the use of forfeitures;
  3. Impact of federal recognition of same-sex marriage;
  4. Avoiding the ‘compensation’ definition trap;
  5. Excluding groups of employees to improve test results;
  6. Trend towards split eligibility waiting periods;
  7. Safe harbor: consider adding or deleting;
  8. Adding discretionary matching on top of safe harbor match;
  9. Safe harbor: new “maybe not” approach;
  10. Achieving ultimate flexibility in profit sharing allocations;
  11. Adding targeted profit sharing on top of the 3% non-elective safe harbor;
  12. Making funds available prior to age 59 1/2;
  13. Roth 401(k);
  14. New “in-plan” Roth conversions.
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