Employment Law Alert – March 2019 – It’s Tax Time and that Means Scam Time

    By Labor & Employment


    It’s that time of year again to be mindful of phishing scammers attempting to trick employers into replying to emails and attaching W2s for employees. You should alert your employees (and particularly HR and any other staff with access to this sensitive information) to be wary of emails asking that they “kindly send the individual 2018 W-2 and earnings summary for all W-2 staff for a quick review” or “send the updated list of employees with name, date of birth, home address, social security number and salary” or other similar requests. In all likelihood, the individual the scammer is pretending to be does not need to ask for such information, as he or she already has access to it.

    If you receive one of these emails, look for other clues that the email is fraudulent, such as gross misspellings. You can also move your mouse so that it hovers over the sender’s name and shows the actual email address. If your company’s standard email is and you see, then the email is likely to be fraudulent. Also, if there is any doubt, you can simply walk down the hall or pick up the phone and call the individual who appeared to have sent the email.

    If you received one of these emails and already replied with sensitive information, there are steps that you must take to inform your employees and former employees. For guidance regarding those steps, you can contact the head of K&C’s Data Privacy and Security Group, Nicole Harrell, at 757. 624.3306 or You may also reach Nicole by dialing the K&C hotline at 844.417.3309 or emailing


    Nicole will be available in person at the April 18, 2019, Richmond showing of the K&C 35th Annual Employment Law Update where she will provide advice to human resource professionals in connection with an entertaining mock scenario that demonstrates how oversharing information can affect employers and employees. Nicole is one of a number of employment law professionals who will provide valuable legal and practical guidance to attendees at this program. The seminar will be presented with an entertaining social media theme and one lucky attendee will win an Apple iPad Wi-Fi 32 GB at the end of the day. To register, visit or call 757. 624.3232.

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