Employment Law Alert – Trumpcare Faces Long and Winding Road

    By Labor & Employment

    After fits and starts in the House led to the narrow passage of a health care reform bill in May, the Senate unveiled its highly anticipated proposal in mid-June. Presented as a discussion draft to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also called the ACA or Obamacare, the Senate bill generated enough opposition by Republicans just days into the process that the leadership delayed a vote until the Senate returns from its 4th of July recess. Its current prognosis is difficult to forecast given the politically charged subject matter. There is a good chance, however, that the ultimate legislation coming out of this process which must survive the Senate, then the House again, and so on until both chambers agree will look radically different than the current draft.

    Though subject to intense debate and opposition in some respects, both the House and Senate bills propose eliminating the employer mandate, which requires large employers to offer their full-time employees health insurance coverage, as well as eliminating the individual mandate requiring most individuals to be covered by health insurance. The current proposed legislation would largely take the employer-employee dynamics back to their pre-ACA structure.

    Although there may be more questions than answers regarding the ultimate fate of Trumpcare, the latest updates on benefits under the Trump administration will be presented at a workshop as part of the July 20th showing of the 33rd Annual Employment Law Update at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. Members of the K&C Employment Team and other specialists will be on hand to present this and a number of other timely topics including; Wage-Hour Compliance, Handling EEOC Discrimination Charges and Discipline and Discharge. To register visit or contact Andrea King at 757-624-3232.

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