Top Red Flags with a Franchise, Business Opportunity or Similar Offering

    By Stephen E. Story, Franchising

    Excerpt from Steve Story’s upcoming presentation Owning Your Own Franchise, a seminar on October 21, 2004 (details below).

    What are the top red flags you should look out for when presented with a franchise, business opportunity or similar offering?

    1. No state registration, Uniform Offering Circular or written Franchise Agreement; claiming no registration is necessary.
    2. Claims made orally to you that are not in the written franchise documents.
    3. Discouraging you from talking to other existing or former franchisees.
    4. Rushing you to sign the contracts.
    5. Requiring a deposit before giving you required documents to review and waiting 10 business days; asking you to backdate or agree to backdating of any documents.
    6. Guaranteed earnings claims.
    7. No right to renew; renewal only on payment of substantial fees.
    8. Unaudited, out-dated, or incomplete financial statements.
    9. Recommending against a review by independent adivsors such as your attorney or accountant.
    10. Franchisor claiming you can run this business in your spare time.
    11. Franchisor’s preoccupation with selling the franchise, and you paying them fees, and no or very little time spent on your background, experience and fit with the franchisor’s system, and the system itself.
    12. Franchisor claiming their products are so popular they sell themselves; you really don’t need training; no training manuals.

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