53 Kaufman & Canoles Attorneys Named Virginia Business Magazine’s Legal Elite 2011

By Debra C. Albiston, Private: Stanley G. Barr Jr., Robert J. Barry, Dale Truitt Berrett, John M. Bredehoft, Kristan B. Burch, Paul K. Campsen, R. Johan Conrod Jr., Ann K. Crenshaw, Jason R. Davis, Gregory R. Davis, Dustin H. DeVore, Paul W. Gerhardt, Laura Geringer Gross, Nicole J. Harrell, R. Braxton Hill III, Private: Kirkland M. Kelley, Charles E. Land, Dennis T. Lewandowski, Vincent J. Mastracco Jr., T. Braxton McKee, Alison M. McKee, Charles V. McPhillips, Terence Murphy, Stephen E. Noona, Patrick H. O’Donnell, Winthrop A. Short Jr., , W. Edgar Spivey, Jeffrey M. Stedfast, Stephen E. Story, Timothy O. Trant II, William R. Van Buren III, Lewis W. Webb III, Burt H. Whitt, James L. Windsor

December 2011 – Kaufman & Canoles , P.C. is pleased to announce that 53 of its attorneys were selected for inclusion in Virginia Business Magazines 2011 Legal Elite, the most of any firm in the Commonwealth:

DEBRA C. ALBISTON , Family/Domestic Relations, Virginia Beach
STANLEY G. BARR JR ., Civil Litigation, Norfolk
ROBERT J. BARRY , Labor/Employment, Norfolk
DALE T. BERRETT , Family Law, Virginia Beach
ELAINA L. BLANKS, Young Lawyer (Under 40), Norfolk
JOHN M. BREDEHOFT , Labor/Employment, Norfolk
KRISTAN B. BURCH , Young Lawyer (Under 40), Norfolk
PAUL K. CAMPSEN , Bankruptcy, Norfolk
JAMES W.C. CANUP, Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law, Richmond
R. JOHAN CONROD JR ., Appellate Law, Norfolk
ANN K. CRENSHAW , Real Estate/Land Use, Virginia Beach
MARC E. DARNELL, Civil Litigation, Newport News
JASON R. DAVIS , Health Law, Norfolk
GREGORY R. DAVIS , Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law, Williamsburg
DUSTIN H. DEVORE , Young Lawyer (Under 40), Williamsburg
RYAN G. FERGUSON, Young Lawyer (Under 40), Virginia Beach
PAUL W. GERHARDT , Real Estate/Land Use, Williamsburg
DAVID B. GRAHAM , Legislative/Regulatory/Administrative, Williamsburg
LAURA GERINGER GROSS , Legal Services/Pro Bono, Norfolk
BRADLEY A. HANEBERG, Business Law, Richmond
NICOLE J. HARRELL , Legal Services/Pro Bono, Norfolk
JILL ROSELAND HARRIS, Family Law, Virginia Beach
ELIZABETH G. HESTER, Business Law, Richmond
R. BRAXTON HILL III , Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law, Norfolk
KIRKLAND M. KELLEY , Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law, Norfolk
SCOTT W. KEZMAN , Labor/Employment, Norfolk
CHARLES E. LAND , Real Estate/Land Use, Norfolk
DENNIS T. LEWANDOWSKI , Bankruptcy, Norfolk
VINCENT J. MASTRACCO JR ., Business Law, Norfolk
ALISON M. MCKEE , Business Law, Virginia Beach
T. BRAXTON MCKEE , Health Law, Norfolk
CHARLES V. MCPHILLIPS , Business Law, Norfolk
CHRISTOPHER J. MUGEL, Intellectual Property, Richmond
HEATHER A. MULLEN, Labor/Employment, Norfolk
TERENCE MURPHY , Construction, Norfolk
E. DUFFY MYRTETUS, Construction, Richmond
STEPHEN E. NOONA , Intellectual Property, Norfolk
PATRICK H. O’DONNELL , Criminal Law, Norfolk
MARINA LIACOURAS PHILLIPS, Legislative/Regulatory/Administrative, Norfolk
DREW S. REIFERSON, Real Estate/Land Use, Richmond
WINTHROP A. SHORT JR ., Civil Litigation, Newport News
MARK C. SHUFORD, Legislative/Regulatory/Administrative, Richmond
HUNTER W. SIMS JR ., Civil Litigation, Norfolk
ROBERT E. SMARTSCHAN , Intellectual Property, Norfolk
W. EDGAR SPIVEY , Civil Litigation, Norfolk
JEFFREY M. STEDFAST , Real Estate/Land Use, Norfolk
STEPHEN E. STORY , Intellectual Property, Norfolk
TIMOTHY O. TRANT II , Real Estate/Land Use, Newport News/Williamsburg
WILLIAM R. VAN BUREN III , Business Law, Norfolk
LEWIS W. WEBB III , Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law, Norfolk
KEVIN A. WHITE , Young Lawyer (Under 40), Richmond
BURT H. WHITT , Labor/Employment, Norfolk
JAMES L. WINDSOR , Construction, Virginia Beach

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