53 Kaufman & Canoles Attorneys Named Virginia Business Magazine’s Legal Elite 2011

    December 2011 – Kaufman & Canoles , P.C. is pleased to announce that 53 of its attorneys were selected for inclusion in Virginia Business Magazines 2011 Legal Elite, the most of any firm in the Commonwealth:

    DEBRA C. ALBISTON , Family/Domestic Relations, Virginia Beach
    STANLEY G. BARR JR ., Civil Litigation, Norfolk
    ROBERT J. BARRY , Labor/Employment, Norfolk
    DALE T. BERRETT , Family Law, Virginia Beach
    ELAINA L. BLANKS, Young Lawyer (Under 40), Norfolk
    JOHN M. BREDEHOFT , Labor/Employment, Norfolk
    KRISTAN B. BURCH , Young Lawyer (Under 40), Norfolk
    PAUL K. CAMPSEN , Bankruptcy, Norfolk
    JAMES W.C. CANUP, Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law, Richmond
    R. JOHAN CONROD JR ., Appellate Law, Norfolk
    ANN K. CRENSHAW , Real Estate/Land Use, Virginia Beach
    MARC E. DARNELL, Civil Litigation, Newport News
    JASON R. DAVIS , Health Law, Norfolk
    GREGORY R. DAVIS , Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law, Williamsburg
    DUSTIN H. DEVORE , Young Lawyer (Under 40), Williamsburg
    RYAN G. FERGUSON, Young Lawyer (Under 40), Virginia Beach
    PAUL W. GERHARDT , Real Estate/Land Use, Williamsburg
    DAVID B. GRAHAM , Legislative/Regulatory/Administrative, Williamsburg
    LAURA GERINGER GROSS , Legal Services/Pro Bono, Norfolk
    BRADLEY A. HANEBERG, Business Law, Richmond
    NICOLE J. HARRELL , Legal Services/Pro Bono, Norfolk
    JILL ROSELAND HARRIS, Family Law, Virginia Beach
    ELIZABETH G. HESTER, Business Law, Richmond
    R. BRAXTON HILL III , Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law, Norfolk
    KIRKLAND M. KELLEY , Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law, Norfolk
    SCOTT W. KEZMAN , Labor/Employment, Norfolk
    CHARLES E. LAND , Real Estate/Land Use, Norfolk
    DENNIS T. LEWANDOWSKI , Bankruptcy, Norfolk
    VINCENT J. MASTRACCO JR ., Business Law, Norfolk
    ALISON M. MCKEE , Business Law, Virginia Beach
    T. BRAXTON MCKEE , Health Law, Norfolk
    CHARLES V. MCPHILLIPS , Business Law, Norfolk
    CHRISTOPHER J. MUGEL, Intellectual Property, Richmond
    HEATHER A. MULLEN, Labor/Employment, Norfolk
    TERENCE MURPHY , Construction, Norfolk
    E. DUFFY MYRTETUS, Construction, Richmond
    STEPHEN E. NOONA , Intellectual Property, Norfolk
    PATRICK H. O’DONNELL , Criminal Law, Norfolk
    MARINA LIACOURAS PHILLIPS, Legislative/Regulatory/Administrative, Norfolk
    DREW S. REIFERSON, Real Estate/Land Use, Richmond
    WINTHROP A. SHORT JR ., Civil Litigation, Newport News
    MARK C. SHUFORD, Legislative/Regulatory/Administrative, Richmond
    HUNTER W. SIMS JR ., Civil Litigation, Norfolk
    ROBERT E. SMARTSCHAN , Intellectual Property, Norfolk
    W. EDGAR SPIVEY , Civil Litigation, Norfolk
    JEFFREY M. STEDFAST , Real Estate/Land Use, Norfolk
    STEPHEN E. STORY , Intellectual Property, Norfolk
    TIMOTHY O. TRANT II , Real Estate/Land Use, Newport News/Williamsburg
    WILLIAM R. VAN BUREN III , Business Law, Norfolk
    LEWIS W. WEBB III , Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law, Norfolk
    KEVIN A. WHITE , Young Lawyer (Under 40), Richmond
    BURT H. WHITT , Labor/Employment, Norfolk
    JAMES L. WINDSOR , Construction, Virginia Beach

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