Kaufman & Canoles Launches White-Collar Defense & Investigations Team

    By White-Collar Defense and Investigations

    Kaufman & Canoles, P.C. is pleased to announce the establishment of its dedicated White-Collar Defense and Investigations Team. This strategic initiative aims to meet the evolving needs of clients facing complex legal challenges in the realm of white-collar crime and investigations.

    In response to the growing demand for specialized legal expertise in white-collar matters, Kaufman & Canoles has assembled a team of seasoned attorneys with a proven track record in handling high-stakes cases. The newly formed team, led by Joseph E. Houchin, represents businesses and individuals subject to investigation or audit by federal or state regulators and/or enforcement authorities on a broad range of subjects including regulatory audits, compliance investigations, civil investigative demands, grand jury subpoenas and criminal indictments.

    The team works with businesses and professionals facing a variety of challenges including claims of government procurement fraud, healthcare fraud, suspensions and debarment, public corruption, False Claims Act and whistleblower claims, embezzlement, tax and other financial offenses, foreign corrupt practices and export violations. The White-Collar Defense and Investigations Team also conducts internal investigations, which allows for a careful and strategic response to potential governmental inquiries.

    “With the increasing complexity of business environments and regulatory landscapes, white-collar crimes and investigations have become a critical focus for many of our clients,” said William R. Van Buren III, President and Chairman. “By establishing the White-Collar Defense and Investigations Team, we are reaffirming our commitment to providing top-notch legal counsel and representation in this specialized area.”

    The team comprises experienced attorneys with diverse backgrounds, including regulatory compliance specialists and litigators with a deep understanding of internal audits and investigations. The team works closely with clients to develop tailored strategies that address their specific needs and concerns, while also prioritizing risk management and compliance. Their collective expertise allows Kaufman & Canoles to offer clients a comprehensive approach to navigating legal challenges, ensuring thorough and effective representation at every stage of the legal process.

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