Kaufman & Canoles Offers VOSH and OSHA Audit as Service to Clients

    By Environmental Law, Labor & Employment

    April 2012–Kaufman & Canoles has launched a new service for clients designed to help them avoid the risks associated with Virginia Division of Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) or OHSA inspections. As part of the firm’s VOSH Audit, one of our attorneys will visit your worksite(s) to perform a confidential, safety and health audit. An attorney who is experienced in this area will do a walk-through of your work-site, noting the items which a VOSH Compliance Safety and Health Officer would likely spot in an official inspection, and review your written compliance programs. Our walk-through would be followed by a confidential, attorney-client privileged, Audit Report indicating those items which require immediate attention, both from a safety and health standpoint and because of a possible citation. The Audit Report would also indicate other items requiring attention for full VOSH compliance and for best practices. These might include current hot topics such as hazard communication, energy control procedures, and worksite hazard assessment.


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