Kaufman & Canoles Selected as Strategic Legal Partner by Maryland DC Credit Union Association

    By Credit Union

    May 2014 – Kaufman & Canoles has been selected as a Strategic Partner for legal services by the Maryland DC Credit Union Association (MDDCCUA), a regional trade association representing 150 credit unions in Maryland and in the District of Columbia. MDDCCUA provides its affiliates with advocacy, education, resources and services to help them better serve its members.

    This is the first legal partnership for the Association. As the Strategic Partner, Kaufman & Canoles Credit Union Team will provide education on the trends and issues facing the credit union industry and be recommended as legal counsel to the association’s members.

    We are honored to have gained the confidence and support of the Maryland | DC Credit Union Association. We bring considerable experience to the Association, and we will strive to exceed all of their expectations. We specialize in credit union law because it impacts more than 100,000,000 consumers who utilize these services as an alternative to traditional banks.

    Our team serves as general counsel for numerous credit unions. The firm’s Credit Union Team, chaired by Dustin H. DeVore, advises clients on consumer compliance issues, NCUA requirements and the rules governing credit union service organizations.

    The appointment was approved by MDDCCUAs board of directors at their May 2014 board meeting. The Strategic Partnership responsibilities include educational webinars and seminars on credit union-specific topics including how the Affordable Care Act impacts credit unions, third-party management, officer liability and mortgage lending. Kaufman & Canoles will also author articles on legal issues for the association’s quarterly newsletter.

    “We’ve have established a very good working relationship with the team,” said John Bratsakis, President/CEO of MDDCCUA. “They have also provided legal counsel for many of the credit unions in the Association over the years so we know this confidence is shared. The attorneys are nationally recognized as specialists in the credit union practice area. Our executive team and board of directors are excited about what they will bring to the table through this partnership.”

    Kaufman & Canoles is a full-service business law firm, known for its rich history, highly respected attorneys, business connections and a deep commitment to improving the communities it serves. For more information, visit

    The Maryland and District of Columbia Credit Union Association is the premier regional trade association for credit unions in the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia. The Association serves more than 2.5 million member-owners by providing leadership, innovation, and support in three strategic areas: Advocacy, Community Outreach and Services. Credit unions are not-for profit financial cooperatives that are locally controlled and owned by the people they serve. For more information, visit

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