40 Kaufman & Canoles Attorneys Named as Top Lawyers 2022 in CoVaBIZ Magazine

    Kaufman & Canoles is pleased to announce that 40 attorneys were selected for inclusion in CoVaBIZ Magazine’s “Top Lawyers” 2022:

    Dale Truitt Berrett – Family Law
    John M. Bredehoft – Labor and Employment
    Kristan B. Burch – Commercial Litigation
    Paul K. Campsen Bankruptcy and Workout
    Ann K. Crenshaw – Real Estate 
    Jason R. Davis – Medical Malpractice Defense 
    David M. Delpierre – Corporate Finance Mergers and Acquisitions
    Dustin H. DeVore – Real Estate
    David B. Graham – Land Use Environment
    Nicole J. Harrell – Intellectual Property Rights 
    William L. Holt – Eminent Domain 
    David Kamer – Attorneys for Nonprofits 
    Charles E. Land – Real Estate 
    Alison V. Lennarz – Wills, Trust, & Estates 
    Dennis T. Lewandowski – Bankruptcy and Workout 
    Jeffrey L. Marks – Bankruptcy and Workout 
    Vincent J. Mastracco, Jr. – Corporate Finance Mergers and Acquisitions 
    T. Braxton McKee – Health Care Law 
    Charles V. McPhillips – International Law 
    Sarah E. Messersmith – Wills, Trust, & Estates 
    Terence Murphy – Construction 
    Stephen E. Noona – Intellectual Property Rights 
    Thomas K. Norment, Jr. – Civil Law Litigation 
    Patrick H. O’Donnell – Criminal Defense 
    Ellis H. Pretlow – Wills, Trust, & Estates 
    Alfred M. Randolph, Jr. – Banking and Financial 
    Sharon Kerk Reyes – Labor and Employment 
    Laura Dickson Rixey – Health Care Law 
    L. Scott Seymour – Tax Law 
    Mary Elizabeth Sherwin – Medical Malpractice Defense 
    Mark A. Short – Eminent Domain 
    W. Edgar Spivey – Civil Law Litigation 
    Jeffrey M. Stedfast – Real Estate 
    Edward R. Stolle – Wills, Trust, & Estates 
    Timothy O. Trant, II – Land Use Environment 
    William R. Van Buren, III – Corporate Finance Mergers and Acquisitions 
    Lewis W. Webb, III – Wills, Trust, & Estates 
    Burt H. Whitt – Labor and Employment 
    J. Britton Williston – Securities Law 
    James L. Windsor – Real Estate 

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