53 Kaufman & Canoles Attorneys Named to Virginia Business Magazine’s “Legal Elite” 2020

    Kaufman & Canoles is pleased to announce that 53 of its attorneys were selected for inclusion in Virginia Business Magazine’s 2020 Legal Elite:

    Debra C. Albiston, Family Law/Domestic Relations
    Brandon S. Allred, Young Lawyers
    Eric E. Ballou, Business Law
    Michael E. Barney, Business Law
    Robert J. Barry, Labor/Employment Law
    Dale Truitt Berrett, Family Law/Domestic Relations
    John M. Bredehoft, Labor/Employment Law
    Kristan B. Burch, Construction
    Paul K. Campsen, Bankruptcy/Creditors’ Rights
    Ann K. Crenshaw, Real Estate/Land Use
    Lawrence G. Cumming, Taxes/Estates/Trusts
    Gregory R. Davis, Taxes/Estates/Trusts
    Jason R. Davis, Health Law
    David M. Delpierre, Business Law
    Dustin H. DeVore, Business Law
    Paul W. Gerhardt, Real Estate/Land Use
    David B. Graham, Environmental Law
    Laura Geringer Gross, Labor/Employment Law
    Nicole J. Harrell, Legal Services/Pro Bono
    Philip L. Hatchett, Taxes/Estates/Trusts
    William L. Holt, Young Lawyers
    Barry W. Hunter, Real Estate/Land Use
    David Kamer, Taxes/Estates/Trusts
    Charles E. Land, Real Estate/Land Use
    Dennis T. Lewandowski, Bankruptcy/Creditors’ Rights
    Jeffrey L. Marks, Bankruptcy/Creditors’ Rights
    Vincent J. Mastracco, Jr., Business Law
    Alison M. McKee, Business Law
    T. Braxton McKee, Health Law
    Charles V. McPhillips, Business Law
    Terence Murphy, Construction
    Stephen E. Noona, Intellectual Property/Information Technology
    Thomas K. Norment, Jr., Criminal Law
    Patrick H. O’Donnell, Criminal Law
    Ellis H. Pretlow, Taxes/Estates/Trusts
    Alfred M. Randolph, Jr., Business Law
    Sharon Kerk Reyes, Labor/Employment Law
    Laura Dickson Rixey, Young Lawyers
    L. Scott Seymour, Corporate Counsel
    Mary Elizabeth Sherwin, Health Law
    Mark A. Short, Real Estate/Land Use
    Winthrop A. Short, Jr., Civil Litigation
    Randy C. Sparks, Jr., Labor/Employment Law
    W. Edgar Spivey, Civil Litigation
    Jeffrey M. Stedfast, Real Estate/Land Use
    Stephen E. Story, Intellectual Property/Information Technology
    Neil S. Talegaonkar, Labor/Employment Law
    Timothy O. Trant, II, Real Estate/Land Use
    William R. Van Buren, III, Business Law
    Lewis W. Webb, III, Taxes/Estates/Trusts
    Burt H. Whitt, Labor/Employment Law
    J. Britton Williston, Business Law
    James L. Windsor, Construction

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